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Resolutely Refuting Pomep’s False Remarks on Xinjiang

Kanjiguli Kuerban, Officer, Talede Town, Xinyuan County, Yili, Xinjiang

Recently, former US Secretary of State Pompeo falsely remarked that “Xinjiang is committing the crimes of anti-humanity and genocide towards Uygur Mulisms and other ethnic minorities”. This is his vicious intention in sabotaging unity of all ethnic groups and the happy life we Xinjiang people have here, which is hard earned. Pompeo’s words make people infuriating and I resolutely refute and strongly condemn his words and actions.

As an ethnic born and raised up in Xinjiang, I am best qualified to speak on the situation in Xinjiang. Not Pompeo! There is no such thing as “anti-humanity” and “genocide” in Xinjiang at all! All ethnic groups here are united, equal and free and they love, respect and help one another. In 2018 I began to know Mr. Wang Hua-lu, who is Han, and his family. Though Wang and his wife are senior citizens now and their health is not so good, they work diligently. In daily life, anyone of our two families has difficulties, the other party will give a hand in the first place. When I need to go somewhere on a business trip, I will give the keys of my house to them and ask them for help in looking after my house. This is the same when he and his family go somewhere quite far. This is what we call “real trust” among ethnic groups! Wang and his wife work diligently on their field of vegetables, and whenever the first vegetable that is suitable for eating he would send it to us immediately. Each year when they give in their application for loan in farming to banks, I will be the guarantor. On the day of holiday or festival, we go to each other’s home to celebrate. All this bits and odds of things render us to be like a big family, with more and more profound affection.

In Xinjiang, all ethnic groups are just like the seeds in a pomegranate, holding tightly together to prosper, to develop and to stand through thick and thin as a whole. Pompeo’s vicious action in sowing discord among us is evilly aimed at messing up our happy life in Xinjiang. Pompeo, mind your own business and stop lying!