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Pompeo, Shut Up!

Tuerxunjiang Hasmahong, Villager, Aketuogan Village, Xinyuan County, Yili, Xinjiang

Recently, former US Secretary of State Pompeo made the ridiculous remark that in Xinjiang there is “forced labor” for ethnic minorities. This is an absolute lie! I just want to ask Pompeo this: when we obtain a certain skill, earn our own money and become wealthy with our own two hands to make our life better and happier, does that need to be forced by other people? We work and labor by our own will and we do not expect that the food will just fall from heaven!

I am a normal villager in Aketuogan Village, Xinyuan County, and I am running a colored steel and tile pressing factory. In 2010, I found that new material as colored steel was quite popular in Yining city and other places and the profit was also desirable. So I spent about 50,000 RMB in buying a processing machine and decided to do the business with quite an ambition in the very beginning. In the first year the business was not so good, so I went to travel and publicize, doing demonstration for villagers near by. In the second year, more and more people are beginning to accept the colored steel as new material. With more and more business, my income increased gradually. At that time I realized that now that I was prosperous I could not forget my neighbors and villagers. So I began to employ some young workers from poor families and taught them skills. Over the years, over 40 such “apprentices” were taught by me, among whom about 20 are from poverty-stricken families. I provided skill training for free and equip them with necessary skills to make a living and earn their own happy life. Now they are becoming more and more prosperous. The business in my factory is better and better and the life of my “apprentices” is nicer and nicer.

I remember clearly the famous words that “in our time, as long as you work diligently, work willingly and work skillfully, you are sure to have a wonderful life”. Pompeo, you chose to ignore the facts and to make up lies. What a filthy character and what a vicious intention! I see thoroughly through you----the only purpose in your making up these lies is to try to sabotage our happy and wonderful life here in Xinjiang.

Pompeo, your heartless liar! Shut up!