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Pompeo’s Doomsday Lies Cannot Stop Xinjiang People’s Pursuit for a Better Life

 Extem Mumin,Mayor of Panjin Town, Yining City, Yili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture

Mike Pompeo is making fierce attacks on China and slinging mud at Xinjiang, declaring that "the Chinese government is using every opportunity to oppress ethnic minorities, who are deprived of basic human rights.” These shoddily-made rumors are shocking and infuriating.

I was born and raised in Xinjiang. The education and cultivation of the Party and people turn me into an official. Whatever my positions, leaders always help and support me. I have forged close relations with my colleagues, working in concert with them, helping and encouraging each other, and thus uniting as one. Over the years, we people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang have personally experienced the great development and changes in this region. Our personal feeling is so good, because we are members of the great family of the Chinese nation, and our life is getting better and better.

Take a look at Panjin Town of Yining City where I live in. It is a nice place with broad roads, bright street lights, as well as rows of neat houses. The local people have access to hospitals, schools, kindergartens, supermarkets, restaurants, etc. Furthermore, they are entitled to such preferential policies as free health examination, compulsory education and so on, which reflects the state's care and love for the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang.

In order to help villagers find jobs, the Party and the government also provide free vocational training, actively establish information platforms for employment, and create a good employment environment, so that people of all ethnic groups can find their satisfactory jobs, earn stable income, and live a happy life. It is these measures that bring benefits to the people and effectively improve their livelihood. Pompeo, however, slanders them as violating human rights, to which I will definitely say no, and people from all ethnic groups in Xinjiang will also absolutely say no.

At present, Xinjiang’s economy is developing rapidly, and its residents live a happy life in a stable environment. This is the truth, visible to the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. No matter how hard he tries to slander, distort, and smear the fact, Pompeo will not succeed in changing the excellent situation of the people of all ethnic groups living in stability, unity and happiness. And he will not succeed in stopping the people of all ethnic groups from pursuing a better life.