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Resolutely Refute Pompeo’s Xinjiang-Related Remarks

Buhailiqiemu Yimingaili, Xinjiang Uygur Medical Vocational School

Recently, I read from the news that the former US Secretary of State Pompeo made some vicious Xinjiang-related remarks, which, in my opinion, are total nonsense. In these remarks, Pompeo deliberately defamed Xinjiang’s human rights, wantonly smearing China’s efforts in fighting against extremism and terrorism and maliciously attacking Chinese government’s policies in governing Xinjiang. Pompeo’s words and actions are serious violation against international laws and basic principles for international relations, grave intervention in China’s internal affairs and severe instigation of contradiction among ethnic groups in China. He intentionally vilified Xinjiang’s various development achievement and ignored true feelings of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, which once again revealed his filthy character and evil motive. As for his words and actions, I express my resolute opposition and strong condemnation.

I was born and raised up here in Xinjiang and I have been working in Xinjiang ever since college graduation. I am a real “native” Xinjiang people. I experienced and witnessed the earth-shaking changes happening here----people are having a happier and sweeter life every day!

For myself, every step of my growing up and every stage of my life are closely linked to the care and attention from CPC. From primary school to college, I enjoyed the beneficiary education policies of the government with all my classmates from different ethnic groups. In the four years of college, my parents passed away one after another, but with the care and help from CPC I finished my study successfully and found a desirable job after graduation. In work, I felt more care and attention from CPC and government to ethnic groups. Under the care of our great country, I am now an associate professor in medical studies and every month my salary is over 10,000 RMB. I am also elected as a member of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region CPPCC and I enjoy giving my opinions in social service. All these is hard evidence to prove that what Pompeo said is sheer nonsense, which is completely groundless.

Today’s Xinjiang, the society is stable and harmonious, the economy is developing steadily and social well-fare is improved to a great extent. The sense of achievement, happiness and security of people in all ethnic groups increases all the time. Both in northern and southern Tianshan mountains earth-shaking changes are happening and people are smiling and singing for their happy life. Facts show that the series of policies carried out in Xinjiang to maintain stability are respected and warmly welcomed by Xinjiang people. They protect human rights and are heartily endorsed by all ethnic groups in Xinjiang.

No rumor can smear the fact that Xinjiang’s various businesses are developing and progressing; no vilification can stop Xinjiang people’s step in getting a better life in unity; no slander can intervene Xinjiang’s progress towards development and prosperity. Pompeo’s words and action in viciously attacking Xinjiang can not deceive the world and can not defame China. All these evil words and action will surely end up in the garbage bin in history.

Pompeo, shut your filthy mouth up! Your conspiracy will never get its way! All ethnic groups in Xinjiang will never stop their seeking for a better and happier life. Any intention in trying to sabotage Xinjiang’s harmony and stability is doomed to fail!