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Pompeo, Take Back Your Hypocritical “Goodwill”

Nasir Ushur, Fast-food Shop Owner of Selibuya Town, Bachu County, Kashgar Prefecture

Recently, Pompeo constantly attacked and slandered Xinjiang, simply because he just couldn’t stand the fact that we’re getting stronger and didn’t want to see us live a happy and beautiful life. Pompeo issued a statement that China’s policy towards Muslims and ethnic groups in Xinjiang constitutes “crimes against humanity” and “genocide”. This is a sheer fabrication out of nothing and an unfounded attack.

Our happy life now is “smiling” on the faces of the masses. Such happy smiling faces are impossible to fake. Here I express my anger and firm opposition to Pompeo’s lies. As Uygur citizens of Xinjiang, China, we are the best qualified to speak on whether we are living a happy life or are forced to work. Pompeo: please don’t talk nonsense about us by using human rights as a pretext. Please listen to my experience.

I’m Nasir Ushur, a young farmer of the 15th village, Selibuya town, Bachu County, Kashgar Prefecture. With the help of the village committee, I gradually mastered modern technology even though I had only studied in junior high school. With good cooking skills, build-up operation and management ability, my monthly income was more than 20,000 yuan in more than a year, offering jobs for 5 workers. I was also voted as the pioneer of getting rich through learning skills and hard work.

I used to be like a lot of ordinary young people in my village. Five people of my family only relied on 9 mu of land for a living, with a meager income. But in 2017, I saw a lot of people in the village who went out for work became rich and so I also began to learn knowledge and skills actively. Since 2018, our village committee has invited investors to develop tours on farms, tourism and trading market of livestock in the village, which worked particularly well. The flow of people in our village therefore increased. A lot of tourists even paid special trips to our village every year. And I began to have the idea of opening a restaurant.

At the end of 2018, the village set up practical skills training classes. I tried to find the village committee for enrollment. The village committee invited teachers from Bachu county vocational school, who provided us with patient teaching. So we could ask at any time if we had any questions. I cherished this opportunity very much, so I went out early and came back late every day. On the one hand, I worked hard to learn knowledge about restaurant; On the other hand, I also studied extensively and learned from the teachers as long as the time permitted.

In January 2019, the bazaar in our village was set up for poverty alleviation. There were a lot of shops for rent. With the encouragement and help of the committee members, I obtained a business license, health permit and other documents, and opened a fast-food restaurant. Because my fast-food restaurant provided a variety of dishes, delicious, distinctive, clean and tidy environment, good service attitude, it soon became popular with customers. The daily turnover soon reached 500 to 700 yuan.

Now I am the “big boss” of the villagers. The living conditions of my family have been greatly improved, modern home appliances are installed and I have bought a car. And our children go to school for free. What is more, we practically do not spend money to see a doctor because the expenses are largely covered by the government. Our life is getting better and better.

Listen to my story and everyone will know who’s talking nonsense. I advise Pompeo stop treating Xinjiang with prejudice. Through your outrageous lie, we are aware your evil intention. Through your so-called “goodwill”, we see through your ulterior motives. Gone are the days when we were bullied. You’d better hurry up and leave because you have failed.