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We Do Not Tolerate Anyone To Smear Our Happy Life

 Huerxidan Maimaiti,Chairwoman of Women’s Federation of Hanbin Town, Yining City, Yili

Recently Pompeo made the false claim that “China suppresses ethnic groups and there is no human rights in Xinjiang”. His words are total nonsense and lie in broad day light.

As a Uygur woman, I have been working with women affairs for many years. The deepest impression that left on my mind is women’s status has been rising constantly and their concepts have been changing. More and more women step out of home and start their own businesses, and many of them have owned businesses of their own. National policies are particularly good. There is financial help for residence who want to start business, apply for interest-free loans and there are free provision of sites and technical training. Government also helps ethnic groups to find a market for their products. If there is a real crackdown on ethnic groups and no human rights, as Pompeo said, can we still enjoy such good polices? Can we still be free to work and start businesses? What I have seen and experienced is enough to show that our life is happy and free.

Women in the countryside often go to parties on holidays and dress up beautifully. These can show that our income has increased and life is getting better and better. If there is no happiness, where did the party comes from? I have been working with women’s affairs for years and I felt the relationship between colleagues is very good. Whenever my women colleagues have difficulties in both life and mind, I will patiently help them to solve. We are just like sisters no matter what ethnic groups we belong. To our surprise, Pompeo said Xinjiang has forced birth control in minority women. But look at facts: almost all the ethnic minority families have two children, including myself; my relatives and friends have two children. The young generation pay more attention to eugenics. Our women cadres spread the knowledge of preventing pre-pregnancy by going into homes and give pregnant women free folic acid and other health products. There is health center in the village so that the pregnancy-related tests can be done on the “doorstep” of the village. Children have medical insurance after birth. The annual free medical examination is available to all residents of the village, and all children can have free nine-year compulsory education. There are many more good policies that are relevant to the lives of the people of all ethnic groups and are enjoyed by all.

Over the years, I have witnessed the dramatic changes of Xinjiang, especially the development of women and children career. As for the great development of Xinjiang, Pompeo cannot see and is unwilling to see. As a Uygur female cadre who has been living in Xinjiang for so long, I believe our Xinjiang will become more and more beautiful and our life will get better and better. History will also prove that clowns like Pompeo will never succeed in their ulterior motives.