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Pompeo, Mind Where You Go!

Ailaiti Yasen, Former Trainee of the Vocational Education and Training Center in Kuqa City

My name is Ailaiti Yasen, 31 years old, Uygur and I am from Bostan Village, Hanikatamu Town. At present I am an officer in the committee of Bostan Village.

A few years ago, I was affected by extremist religious thoughts. Later, I went to the vocational education and training center to learn standard national language, skills and techniques, laws and rules and so on. Through learning and education, I am totally separating myself from extremist religious thoughts and build up a correct view on life and on world values.

After graduating from the center, the CPC committee secretary came to my home to know my living and difficulties and recommended me to work in the management committee of our village. I was so thrilled at that time, it was like a dream and all of a sudden warm tears ran down my faces. So I became a village officer of my village and my family is so proud of me. The CPC and government really and thoroughly solved problems and difficulties in my life, which makes me fill up with confidence for future and full of more energy in working.

Since working in the village committee, I make full of the advantage that I learned the standard national language in the center and do the routine work in the office with poverty-alleviation colleagues. In the past year, the assisting and aiding group in the village treat me as a family member. In the beginning whenever there is work that I do not know how to deal with, they will give me patient guidance, which makes me be accustomed to the routine work quickly. In the same time, I am more and more familiar with the various beneficiary policies of the government, including education, employment, medical care, social security, and safety etc. The most important feeling for me is that I see our great country is doing everything it can to help people out of poverty and now all the poverty-stricken people before are out of poverty now. Today, you can see all people are smiling brightly with happiness.

Recently, I saw from the news that Pompeo was making false Xinjiang-related remarks, wantonly attacking and intentionally smearing Xinjiang. All his words are absolute nonsense! What he said and did was sheer lie and shameless deception.

In front of the facts, lies are always lies. The CPC has never forced me to labour. I use my own hands to create my own happy life. Now all ethnic groups in Xinjiang have a better and better life and their income increases all the time, which are brought by the excellent policies of the CPC and government. I just want to ask Pompeo: when our life was not as good as today, did you give us a penny in help? When the crude earth-made road in the village becomes the broad and bright asphalt road, is it because of you? As for Xinjiang, we Xinjiang people are the best qualified to speak on it. Whether Xinjiang is good or not, Xinjiang people can decide by themselves. Pompeo, mind where you go!