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Facts Are Indisputable

Ilham Abdumigit, Xinjiang Uygur Medical College

In recent days, the former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spread rumors again, groundlessly attacking and deliberately smearing Chinese government’s policies of governing Xinjiang. During his tenure as Director of the US Central Intelligence Agency and Secretary of State, he delivered many speeches on China and Xinjiang on different occasions. Ignoring facts, he grossly interfered in China’s internal affairs, tried to distort and slander Xinjiang’s counter-terrorism efforts, attempted to instigate ethnic relations, so as to hold back the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, to which we definitely say no and express our strong protest!

As for the real situation in Xinjiang, the local people of all ethnic groups are in the best position to judge, rather than those who do not live in this region. We live in Xinjiang for generations. Like all the other Xinjiang people, I have witnessed its epoch-making development, and have personally felt the care and concern from the Party and the country.

I have worked in the rural areas in southern Xinjiang for two years, and have personally witnessed that the local people enjoy full or even superior basic rights in the fields of education, medical care, culture and other fields. I have seen the significant improvement in the living standard and economic and social development in southern Xinjiang. In recent years, the state has been continuously providing funds to improve the rural living environment, and to build comfortable houses for low-income people. The state has offered for all children three years of preschool education and a 12-year basic education, and ensured full coverage of old-age insurance, medical subsidies, and subsistence allowances among others, effectively solving the problems of education, medical care, and care for the elderly, etc. As for poverty alleviation and economic development, the government has allocated a large amount of special funds every year to promote the economic and industrial development and infrastructure construction in backward areas in southern Xinjiang, has actively introduced advanced enterprises from the inland areas, and has created jobs at public welfare enterprises and institutions. By doing so, the government has fundamentally solved the problem of employment, and has effectively increased the income of farmers, ensuring that all citizens have adequate food and clothing, and have access to education and safe housing.

All the indisputable facts prove that Pompeo’s so-called “crimes against humanity” and “genocide” are lies deliberately concocted by Pompeo. It is nothing but a farce he staged. What he has done, like a clown, obviously reflects his ignorance and madness.