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Sweep Pompeo Into History’s Garbage Bin of Lies

Tayier Turdi, former trainee of the Vocational Education and Training Center, Kuqa City

Recently, the former US Secretary of State made groundless remarks, defaming Xinjiang’s human rights, viciously smearing and wantonly accusing Chinese government’s policies in governing Xinjiang, obliterating Xinjiang’s various development achievements and ignoring the true feelings of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, including Uygur people. As a village committee member, I resolutely refute these groundless remarks that confuse right and wrong.

I was born and raised up in Kuqa, a southern city in Xinjiang. From childhood to adulthood I have witnessed great changes happening in my home town with my own eyes, and enjoyed various beneficiary policies for ethnic minorities from the government. After middle school, I was successfully admitted to the Urumqi Vocational University and enjoyed a full higher education. Under the care and attention of the CPC and the government, I was entitled to various beneficiary educational policies. However, with my poor awareness of law and social experience, I was affected by some so-called “friends” and began to have different views on Han people around me. Over this period of time I was tired of studying on campus, began to lose myself and was under the influence of these “friends” more and more.

However, fortunately, the CPC and government never gave up on caring for me. When I realized that I was on the verge of dangerous actions I enrolled in the vocational education and training center in order to improve my standard national language, law knowledge and professional skills. During that time, I changed a great deal and fully realized the ugly intention of these people who were engaged in illegal religious actions and terrorism. They were wantonly publicizing the so-called “crusade” with the flag of religious belief, instigating contradictions and confrontations among ethnic groups in Xinjiang and trying various vicious and brutal means to try to murder the innocent people in Xinjiang. I was ashamed of what I was at that time and I was deeply moved by my friends and classmates in the center from various ethnic groups, and most importantly, the government, in helping me get rid of these false thoughts.

After graduation from the center, I made use of my own condition and the knowledge and skills acquired in the education center and I was elected as a back-up member of village committee. Soon my work has been trusted and recognized by my colleagues and I am an official member of the committee now. These are my own personal experience. Looking at me before and at present, to tell the truth, I can not believe it. But these are true facts!

In Xinjiang, in every corner one can feel the beneficiary policies of the CPC. In the past, business in trading centers or bazaars were not so good. With the efforts of hard work from all ethnic groups, it is obviously felt that social security is much better and we are earning more and more now. With these facts before our eyes, there is no need of more explanation. Everyday, you can see people of all ethnic groups are singing, dancing and doing exercise on the squares, which shows how stable our Xinjiang is now!

Pompeo, you chose not to see even a bit of our happy life, our smiling faces and our brilliant living that one worries nothing at all here in Xinjiang! Your lies, deception and confusion of right and wrong are just sheer nonsense!