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I Firmly Oppose Pompeo’s Xinjiang-Related Fabrications and Never Allow Him Disrupt Our Happy Life

Anwar Mamat, Teacher at the Faculty of Physical Education, Hotan Normal College

Recently, I have seen series of Xinjiang-related fabrications by Pompeo. He maliciously slandered Xinjiang’s human rights issues, smeared Xinjiang’s efforts in deradicalization and counter-terrorism, launching attacks on China’s Xinjiang Policy. His remarks are blatant interference in China’s internal affairs, and a serious violation of international law and basic norms governing international relations. He sowed discord in ethnic relations, undermining Xinjiang’s achievements in various fields, ignoring true feelings of Xinjiang people, exposing his ill intention with hegemony. As a Xinjiang resident, I express my strong indignation and firm opposition.

Influenced by ethnic separatism, religious extremism and violent terrorism, there used to be frequent terrorist attacks in Xinjiang for a long time, endangering safety of life and properties of people, undermining human dignity. In face of real threats from terrorism and extremism, Xinjiang launched counter terrorism and deradicalization campaign in accordance with law. Xinjiang’s efforts in counter-terrorism and deradicalization are an important part of international battel against terrorism, complying with UN’s main principles of fighting terrorism and safeguarding human rights. These measures have proved to be effective since they fit Xinjiang’s reality; extremism has been contained, social stability has improved; there hasn’t been any single terrorist attack over the past 4 years. People’s basic rights, like rights to subsistence and development are protected to the best extent.

Pompeo tried to smear Xinjiang’s efforts in counter-terrorism and deradicalization for the sake of containing and undermining China. Xinjiang is witnessing the best development phase in its history and the Uygurs enjoy rights to better education, employment, healthcare, pension etc. All this wouldn’t have been achieved without strong leadership of the CPC, nationwide support and jointly hard work of people of all ethnic groups.

People’s senses of gain, happiness and security keep enhancing in Xinjiang. After the 18th Congress of the CPC, the Central Committee has paid paramount importance to work on Xinjiang, improving and perfecting the CPC’s Xinjiang policy in new era. Financial support from the central government keeps increasing to safeguard livelihood improvement projects concerning employment, education, healthcare, social security and housing; financial difficulties in many households have been resolved; there is no more zero employment families; safe housing projects for farmers and nomads have been implemented; serious illness insurance and subsistence allowances system have been realized. In 4 prefectures in southern Xinjiang, almost 3 million poverty-stricken population have shaken off poverty since 2014; the people who used to suffer from hunger now enjoy a well-fed life. There is an unprecedented improvement in Hotan’s economy; people in Hotan wouldn’t enjoy senses of happiness and security without the care of the CPC and government. These are all tangible changes that delight the people in Hotan. Pompeo tried to undercut Xinjiang’s efforts and achievements in respecting and safeguarding human rights by concocting lies and groundless accusations. People of Xinjiang have already seen his real hypocritical face and ill intention.

As a Xinjiang resident, a Uygur teacher, I learned that only social stability can create fast economic growth and social development, letting people enjoy fruits of reform and prosperity. Pompeo, your malicious attack can’t stop China’s development and ethnic unity; your false allegations can’t stop people’s efforts for unity; your lies can’t undermine Xinjiang’s achievements in human rights.

I won’t be fooled by Pompeo’s slanders and lies. I will keep teaching and training students and specialists for the CPC and the nation; prepare more high-qualified young specialists of ethnic minorities for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. I would like to solemnly warn Pompeo that their slanders and lies can’t stop our efforts in developing Xinjiang and the whole nation, realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.