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Pompeo’s Ugly Behaviors and Ill Intentions Will Never Succeed

Lila Yelyar, Teacher at the College of Dancing, Xinjiang Arts University

Recently, the former US Secretary of State Pompeo released Xinjiang-related fabrications. He maliciously slandered Xinjiang’s human rights issues, smeared Xinjiang’s efforts in deradicalization and counter-terrorism, launching stacks on China’s Xinjiang Policy. His remarks are blatant interference in China’s internal affairs, and a serious violation of international law and basic norms governing international relations. He sowed discord in ethnic relations, undermining Xinjiang’s achievements in various fields, ignoring true feelings of Xinjiang people, exposing his real face and ill intention. I express my strong condemnation and firm opposition.

I was born in an ordinary family in Altay. My father was an ethnic Tatar. Since he was a kind, helpful, enthusiastic person, he had many friends of different ethnic groups, like Han, Uygur, Kazakh and Mongolian. He was praised as a good example of ethnic unity. My mother was an ethnic Kazakh. She was a very open-minded, optimistic, modern woman. Since my parents died early when I was a small child, I and my sister were supported and raised by our aunts until we created our own family. I have been helped by many good-hearted people from my childhood. My husband graduated from Xinjiang Medical University and now works at Xinjiang Institute for Food and Drug Control. He has been dispatched twice to Ayaghsawa and Dunbagh villages in Pishan County in 2015 and 2017 respectively, making his contribution to the development of Xinjiang.

In June, 2006, I passed the college entrance exam and enrolled in Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics. During my study there, I was elected as vice chairman of the student union and study representative of my class. At university, I got acquainted with students of different ethnicity from all parts of China and had a good relationship with them. As being diligent and active, I applied to join the CPC and in 2009 officially became the member of the CPC, making the pledge of allegiance in front of the party flag. In September, 2010, I started my Master’s degree. I never felt arrogant, I was strict with myself. I valued my experiences and challenges. I kept optimistic in study, work, and daily life, affecting people around me in a positive way. After my undergraduate and graduate study, I eventually became an inter-disciplinary specialist with good grades and virtues. In August, 2015, I attended the recruitment exam of Xinjiang Arts University. After several rounds of assessment, I was recruited to the University as the ideological and political instructor in September. In July, 2016, I was selected and sent to Zhejiang Polytechnic University to guide the students of Xinjiang origin there. I lived up to the expectations of Xinjiang Education Department and Xinjiang Arts University, having completed my two-year mission successfully.

There won’t be home without nation. Without stability, there won’t be peace in our life. China is our mother, it is everything to us; without motherland, we will get nothing. Actions speak louder than words. Pompeo’s ugly behaviors and ill intentions will never succeed.