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Pompeo’s Lies Can’t Stop Us from Following the CPC

Mahmut Musa, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Preschool and Art Education, Hotan Normal College

Recently, the former US Secretary of State Pompeo released false accusations on Xinjiang, claiming that Xinjiang committed “genocide” and “crimes against humanity” against Uygur Muslims and other ethnic minorities. Pompeo fabricated lies and groundless allegations, launching malicious attacks on China’s Xinjiang Policy, undermining Xinjiang’s achievements in different fields, ignoring true feelings of Xinjiang people. His remarks exposed his odious character and ill intention. I express my strong indignation and firm opposition.

I am a staff member of the Faculty of Preschool and Art Education, Hotan Normal College. Having grown under the sunshine of the CPC, felt the warmth of Chinese nation, I would like to refute Pompeo’s fabrications by my own experience.

I was born in Hotan in 1975. Under the fostering of the CPC and people, I received higher education at Central Minzu University and Shanxi Normal University, and became a college teacher. My kid is also enjoying favorable education policies and studying in the prosperous city of Shenzhen in the class for Xinjiang high school students. Without preferential education policies favoring ethnic regions, I and my child could never have a chance to go to a metropolis to study and lead the present happy life.

20 years ago, my family lived in an adobe house, using coal for cooking and heating, making dusky inside. All four in my family shared one bicycle for commuting. Now, we have moved into a clean and bright tall apartment building, using natural gas, which is cheap and clean. I and my wife each own separate cars to commute. The change in our life is reflected on the improvement of housing and transportation tool.

Within 20 years, my hometown has transformed from a small village with adobe houses into a modern city with skyscrapers; sand roads have become interconnected highways; people now drink clear tap water instead of water from the pond; old farming tools are replaced by state of the art machinery; small bazaars where people traded daily necessities are replaced by metropolitan life style.

20 years ago, when I first came to Hotan Normal College to work, there were only 2 teaching buildings, 2 dormitories, 1 shabby cafeteria and 1 dusty stadium. Now, there are many modern teaching buildings, dormitories and 2 spacious, bright cafeterias (6 floors) on campus; plus, there are also labs, libraries, college hospital, kindergarten and standard track and field stadium, football playground and basketball courts. New campus with 2700 mu area is under construction. As the college is developing, students and staff have a better mental outlook, with beautiful skirts and faces can be seen often. Students and staff of all ethnic groups embrace each other tightly like seeds in a pomegranate. They play various musical instruments like guzheng, duttar and rawap to praise our happy life. Their beautiful melody is the best refutation of Pompeo’s so called “human rights” lies.

Xinjiang enjoys fast economic growth, social stability, livelihood improvement and harmony of religions. Xinjiang has never been more prosperous than now in its history. There has been no violent terrorist cases in the past 4 years. All poverty-stricken counties and villages have shaken off poverty, leading a way to a well-off society. People of all ethnic groups have increased their senses of security, happiness and gain. The CPC and government have provided good facilities and environment for development and life; how come these can become “crimes against humanity” and “genocide”? Pompeo! Were you jealousy of our happy life or you got paranoia? Why did you ignore Xinjiang’s achievements and smear its efforts in counter-terrorism and deradicalization, concocting lies? What was your intention? Xinjiang-related issues are not issues of human rights, ethnicity or religion; instead, they are issues of counter-terrorism and separatism. Don’t ever try to smear China’s efforts in counter-terrorism and deradicalization. Your malicious attack against China’s Xinjiang policy is a baseless accusation and against the mainstream sentiment of international community; it is a breach of international norms; it is a preposterous farce.