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A Belied Fiction

Guhargul Mamatqurban, Deputy Director of Supervision Office, Hotan Normal College

Recently, Pompeo spread Xinjiang-related false accusations online, claiming that China committed “genocide” and “crimes against humanity” against Muslims and ethnic minorities in Xinjiang. His remarks were baseless and against the reality. He launched malicious attacks on the CPC’s leadership and China’s political system, sowing discord in ethnic relations. I strongly oppose his fabrications and refute them with reality.

I am a minority mid-level leading cadre of Hotan Normal College. I have witnessed all the earthshaking changes in Hotan since the reform and opening up. Under the leadership the CPC, people in Xinjiang live in unity and mutual help; Xinjiang people have stepped into the well-off society with harmonious development and increasing living standard. Under the fostering of the CPC and state, I have grown from a rural kid to a mid-level leading cadre in college. Our children enjoy 15 years of free education starting from kindergarten to high school; college students with financial difficulties can have stipends; students don’t have to worry about their financial background while studying. In those years, it took several days and nights to go to college; now, there is airport and train station in Hotan, making it convenient for students. When I was small, I was surprised to see tall buildings, computers and mobile phones on black and white TV, never imaging that I would own them too. Our economy and living standards have improved significantly in decades. We all live in tall buildings and own mobile phones and computers. Safe housing, healthcare and pension policies have enabled people of all ethnic groups live a carefree life in peace and contentment. When I was a kid, I dreamed about owning a car since it was so difficult to take a car. Now, my dream came true. Every family has a car; some even plan to buy a second one. There are numerous such examples that can witness our beautiful life.

Pompeo didn’t want to see us growing stronger and united. So he concocted lies, sowed discord in ethnic relations, trying to divide us. Pompeo’s so called accusation of “crimes against humanity” is simply nonexistent.

Xinjiang set up vocational education and training centers in accordance with law, fully respecting trainees’ freedom and rights, helping them get rid of extremist ideas and learn vocational skills, thus securing employment, leading a happy life. Xinjiang people don’t agree with Pompeo’s slander of Xinjiang’s achievements in counter-terrorism and deradicalization. His remarks make us even more united. Xinjiang is China’s Xinjiang. Xinjiang affairs are China’s internal affairs. No foreign government or forces have rights to interfere in them.

No matter what plot or trick Pompeo used to infiltrate and undermine, he will never succeed. Pompeo’s fiction was belied in front of the truths. We will never allow him to disrupt our happy life.