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Doomsday Madness

Qadir Hapiz, Property and Lab Equipment Management, Hotan Normal College

Recently, I saw on the Internet that the former US Secretary of State Pompeo slandered that Xinjiang committed “genocide” and “crimes against humanity” against Muslims and ethnic by ignoring reality of Xinjiang’s prosperity and development. Being a Chinese with conscience, I express my strong indignation and firm opposition. Pompeo’s behaviors reminds me of an ancient saying: “If God wants someone to perish, he will make him crazy first”. The curtain is coming down for him.

I am a native Hotan resident, who has witnessed progress and prosperity of Hotan. I was born in a working class family in Hotan in 1962. In 1984, I graduated from Hotan Normal College. Under the fostering of the CPC, I became a mid-level cadre at college. Before the liberation, Xinjiang’s education was very backward. There was no a decent middle school, asphalt road, or hospital. People’s life safety was not guaranteed, not to mention the industry; main transportation tools were donkey and camel; people lived in adobe houses, drank water from the pond, living almost like ancient humans in poor conditions.

In 1949, people of all ethnic groups including Uygurs were liberated by the wise leadership of the CPC. After reform and opening-up, Xinjiang has witnessed unprecedented changes; with the support and care of the central government and paired-up assistance of other provinces, Xinjiang people have stepped into the well-off society together with the whole nation. Now people live in tall buildings, use natural gas, gaining access to highways and trains without any difference from any other developed Chinese cities. Farmers live in anti-seismic houses; villages are covered with roads, electricity, water, TV broadcasting and health care; there is no more difficulty in receiving affordable medical treatment. 15 years of free education has covered southern Xinjiang from kindergarten to high school; every village has a kindergarten. Pupils from the most backward southern Xinjiang now enjoy the best education facilities in China. This wouldn’t be achieved without care and help from the central government and paired-up provinces.

People of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang work and live together, loving and taking care of each other. People of all ethnic groups enjoy the same treatment in healthcare, education and livelihood; people of different ethnic groups in the same job position receive the same salary. Everyone enjoys just, equal policies. Absolute poverty in Xinjiang has been historically solved. In face of these achievements, Pompeo’s “crimes against humanity” can really be possible?