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Xinjiang villagers adapt to new posts as county promotes stable employment

More than 700 workers are busy manufacturing garments for an order in a workshop of Shache Eagle Textile Co. Ltd. in Shache County, northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Buhliqam Abdukadir is among the first employees of the factory, who started out as a porter. However, the tough and strenuous job turned out to be hard for Buhliqam. Gradually, the idea of giving up occured to her. Just like Buhliqam, many new employees in the factory had difficulty in the transition from farmers to industrial workers. To help them secure a job, the company have found a solution. On the recommendation of the company, Buhliqam went to the sewing workshop to learn sewing techniques. Under the patient guidance of technicians, she gradually mastered the skills. Thanks to the help of the company and her own studious and hard work, Buhliqam was soon promoted to be the group leader of the workshop, responsible for conducting quality inspection. And her income doubled. In 2020, Shache County established a village-level employment service management system, carrying out skills training and introducing new jobs, which effectively promotes stable employment for villagers.