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A Complete Exposure of Pompeo’s Habitual Lying

Malitjan Ibrahim, Xinjiang Radio and Television Station

Recently, before leaving office, Pompeo slandered and smeared Xinjiang, China with his despicable lies. His sinister and clumsy performances were utterly nonsensical and completely unacceptable, unveiling his habitual lying, hooliganism, arrogance and hegemony. I feel indignant about his wrongdoing and express my strongest dissatisfaction and firm opposition to his absurd remarks.

My name is Malitjan Ibrahim. As a Uygur media worker, I have been working in the field of journalism for twenty years. After graduating from Xinjiang University as a journalism major, I came to work with Xinjiang Radio and Television Station, having hosted and edited programs like “Melody of Youth”, “Voice of the City”, “The Happy Hour”, “Music Saloon”, “Happy on the Road” and “Tune in for Traffic Information”. Later I became the deputy director of traffic program center in charge of making programs. Currently, I host a series of programs making public policies and information of the party and state benefiting people in terms of livelihood, poverty alleviation, transportation and medical care. Xinjiang Radio and Television Station is a warm family featured by ethnic unity, in which half of the staff are of ethnic minority backgrounds and we keep on good terms with each other like a family. Since I have worked here, I have been sent to learn from and communicate with our counterparts in other provinces and given quite a few opportunities to improve my expertise.

My four-people family is living a happy life. Now I want to tell Pompeo, put away your hypocrisy and stop your slander of Xinjiang! Only we people in Xinjiang have the right to judge our present lives! Your alleged “genocide” is sheer nonsense! Let me, a media worker, tell you all these facts and numbers. The population in Xinjiang is on a steady increase. From 2010 to 2018, the permanent resident population in Xinjiang grew from 21.8158 million to 24.8676 million, a net increase of 3.0518 million, up 13.99%; the Uygur population grew from 10.1715 million to 12.7184 million, an increase of 2.5469 million, up 25.04%. The growth of the Uygur is not only higher than that of the average population of Xinjiang, but much higher than that of the Hans in Xinjiang. These statistics are adequate to prove that the alleged “genocide” is nothing but a sinister lie Mike Pompeo and his likes fabricated.

Pompeo also slandered the vocational education and training center as “detention camp”. However, from my talk with a young man just graduating from the center, I learned that he was not only taught state laws and policies but also skills and expertise in the training school. After graduation, he has found a job in a clothing factory and earns a salary of 3,700 yuan each month. He told me that he could hardly imagine what his fate would have been without the skill training at school. As a result, he harbors a heartfelt gratitude to the Communist Party of China and the government. Since 2018, over 1200 diplomats, journalists and religious delegates from more than 100 countries have visited Xinjiang and been amazed at the remarkable achievements made in economic and social development of Xinjiang after they have witnessed the favorable situation of stability and prosperity in Xinjiang.

Even a thousand lies could not conceal a single shred of truth. Xinjiang, my hometown, is getting better and more prosperous with social stability and sound economic growth. People in Xinjiang are enjoying a happy life in the arms of our motherland. Under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, earthshaking changes have taken place in Xinjiang; unprecedented accomplishments have been made in economic and social development and people’s livelihood; social stability and economic prosperity have laid a sound foundation for people in Xinjiang to live and work in peace and contentment; the sense of gain, happiness and security for people in Xinjiang has been steadily enhanced; People in Xinjiang harbor a heartfelt appreciation for the Communist Party of China and our great motherland.

To sum up, neither Pompeo’s lies nor his slanders shall block the footstep of unity and progress of all people in Xinjiang. I firmly believe that under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, Xinjiang will certainly have a better tomorrow and people will enjoy a better and happier life.