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Pompeo, Stop Talking Nonsense with Eyes Open

Guzallay Arkin, Xinjiang Radio and Television Station

My name is Guzallay Arkin, a Uygur reporter working in the News Center of Xinjiang Radio and Television Station. Recently, Pompeo released a series of Xinjiang-related absurd remarks, frantically attacked and smeared Xinjiang, once again exposing his ugly face of hegemony and sinister intentions. I firmly oppose and strongly condemn it.

I grew up in Xinjiang. I have classmates, colleagues, neighbors and friends of all ethnic groups. We study, grow, work, and live together, and are as close as a family. In 2011, with the support of the national preferential education policy, I was successfully admitted to Central South University for Nationalities in Wuhan, Hubei Province. For the first time, I left my parents to study far away, which filled my heart with anxiety. But when I was on campus, the meticulous care of the school and my classmates relieved me of all the burdens and frustrations. In 2013, there was a swelling in my knee due to the humid climate and surgery was needed. When I was at a loss, Auntie Cai Qiong, one of my college classmates’ mother rushed to school overnight and sent me to the hospital where she worked for diagnosis and treatment. During my hospitalization, she also cooked Xinjiang Big Plate Chicken a delicacy of my hometown for me when visiting me, all of which touched me deeply. To this day, Auntie Cai Qiong and I have been keeping in touch and caring for each other like mother and daughter.

Xinjiang is full of scenery. My hometown Fukang City in Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture has the beautiful Tianshan Tianchi scenic spot. With the development and construction of the state and the autonomous region, Tianshan Tianchi has developed from just a lake to the current national 5A tourist attraction. While preserving the original ecological beauty, the local government has also created unique tourism projects such as the trekking landscape path and the Kazakh style park to provide a quality tourism experience for all visitors. Every year in June and July, I bring my mainland classmates and friends to Tianshan Tianchi to enjoy the beautiful scenery, experience the folklore, appreciate the culture and taste the food, and everyone is full of praise and forgetting to return. The development of tourism has also enabled local Kazakh herders to embark on the road to prosperity. The herder Jiashalati, who is the friend I met in the interview, was a sheep herder five years ago, and after the opening of the Kazakh folklore park, he started a farmhouse with his family, making delicious Kazakh food for tourists, and performing Akan singing for tourists every day, so the family has a stable income. This year the family has also bought a car, and life is getting happier.

What I have told you is just one of the thousands of stories of Xinjiang, and this is the real Xinjiang. I believe everyone living in Xinjiang have the same feeling as I do, that is, great changes have taken place in Xinjiang. The north and south of the Tianshan Mountains present a good situation of social stability, economic prosperity and people living in peace and contentment.

Pompeo, stop talking nonsense with your eyes open. We are living a happy life. I firmly believe that your attempt to use Xinjiang-related issues to undermine its prosperity and stability and contain China’s development will never succeed. No force can stop the advance of the great and beautiful Xinjiang. Xinjiang will have a better tomorrow!