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The Mirror of History Will Definitely Lay Bare the Ugly Face of Pompeo the Clown

Abulat Abuliz, Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Government of Artux

The evil person’s nature is settled. Recently, Poempeo wantonly attacked, smeared,defamed and slandered our government’s governance of Xinjiang to meet his own political aim. His groundless and distorting remarks claimed that Xinjiang committed “genocide” and “crimes against humanity” against Muslim Uyghurs and other minorities, which neglect facts and hurt people of all ethnicity in Xinjiang seriously. I want to tell Pompeo formally that any political plot attempting to contain China with Xinjiang, damage its ethnic solidarity and incite ethnic hatred with religion so as to realize your political daydream is doomed to fail.The mirror of history will surely lay bare your sinister intention and ugly face to the world.

Born and growing up in Artux, Xinjiang, I, a Communist Party member and civil servant,have experienced the drastic changes of Xinjiang since the reform and opening-up policies have been implemented, have enjoyed fruits of rapid social economic development and have seen that various favorable policies the Communist Party of China carried out have supported the all- round development of Xinjiang in sustained pace. Thanks to the strong leadership, great support and care of the Communist Party of China, the party committee of Xinjiang has united with people of all ethnicity and worked hard to make the glorious achievements in the history of development in Xinjiang. People’s living standards have seen dramatic improvement and our sense of happiness has been enhanced remarkably.

Ever since I worked, the organizations of the Communist Party at all levels paid close attention to the growth of cadres of ethnic background. I was sent to work in Yixin, Jiangsu Province so as to learn advanced concepts and experiences of social management. Gradually I have become a leading civil servant. In 2015 I was appointed to administrate the management committee of Artux Industrial Park. I have seen with my own eyes that the roads and workshops are spacious, the street lights are orderly and the workers are busy with their work as various private- owned enterprises are in operation and investment promotion is well underway. All the above forms a strong contrast to the once desolate Gobi desert. Workers do not need to go outside their hometown for work, they are able to make a living with their own hands in their neighbourhood and live a happy life. We are grateful to the Communist Party of China for the good policies.

At present, as the Covid-19 pandemic is still prevalent, I have been assigned by the organization of the Communist Party to be in charge of prevention of the pandemic at the post, taking care of the 280,000 people’s health and safety. Seeing people live in orderly and sound atmosphere, hearing their laughter, I feel very fortunate and proud because I live in the happy and great era and with our joint efforts there has been no pandemic cases in Artux.

I want to tell Pompeo formally that Xinjiang will become better and better, ethnic solidarity here will be stronger and its cultural economy will be more prosperous with the strong leadership of the Central Committee of the Communist Party led by President Xi Jinping, the local government’s persistent efforts and solidarity of the 25 million people of all ethnic groups. Any intention to damage solidarity and stability of Xinjiang is doomed to fail as it is like a rash that attempts to do what is far beyond its ability.