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Firmly Refute Pompeo’s Lies on Xinjiang-related Issues

Abudureim Reheman, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of People’s Congress in Yizhou District, Hami

I am a native of Xinjiang. Born and raised in Xinjiang, I am grateful to the Communist Party and people who have nurtured me. In 1985, after returning from the army, I worked in a grassroots unit. My leaders were very concerned about my development. I worked closely with colleagues of all ethnic groups and learned from each other. I united with my colleagues and we helped each other. Through the Communist Party’s training and my personal efforts, I have made continuous progress, from an ordinary cadre to deputy head and head of the township step by step, and now I am a member of the Communist Party and deputy director of the People’s Congress of Yizhou District. I work side by side with my colleagues and we have jointly trained a number of minority cadres.

For a period of time, Pompeo, the former US Secretary of State, tried his best to smear and attack China, falsely claiming that Xinjiang’s policies toward the Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities meant “genocide.” Pompeo’s series of remarks deliberately slandered the human rights situation in Xinjiang, wantonly discredited China’s efforts on de-extremism and combating terrorism, maliciously attacked China’s policy of governing Xinjiang, seriously violated international law and the basic norms in international relations, seriously interfered in China’s internal affairs, wantonly provoked China’s ethnic relations, wiped out various achievements of development in Xinjiang, and ignored the real feelings of people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. His remarks once again exposed the evil intentions of American hegemony. I firmly oppose and strongly condemn this.

In 2018, as the first secretary, I went to work in Yushugou Village of Tianshan Township. All the 280 villagers in Yushugou Village were Uyghur farmers and herdsmen who had moved from the mountainous areas. Yushugou Village was once a poverty-stricken village at the autonomous region level, with 75 poor households. Before they enjoyed the relocation policy, the houses the villagers lived in were adobe houses in the mountainous area, and were on dirt roads.What’s more, there was no guarantee for water and electricity. In contrast, villagers now have no worries about food and clothing; the dropout rate of school-age children in the village is zero, and children in the village are free to go to school. The basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents is fully covered in the village, and the government bears 95% of the medical insurance payment for the poverty-stricken population, which solves the problem of medical reimbursement for farmers and herdsmen. The water pipe network of the village is available to each household. Water quality, quantity and guarantee rate of domestic drinking water all meet the standard. The living conditions, living environment and living standards of the villagers have been significantly improved. Great changes have taken place under the leadership of the Communist Party and support of the government. The villagers themselves will sing high praise for the fact that “the government’s support has been very effective in recent years, but for the support of various policies benefiting the people and agriculture, our living conditions and standards would not have changed so much!”

I want to tell Pompeo that this is just a miniature of the great changes that have taken place in Xinjiang. The eyes of the masses are bright. They know better than anyone that the happy life is hard to come by easily. The villagers’ personal quality and rate of employment are constantly improving, and their living standards are getting higher and higher. Such a united, harmonious, thriving and developing Xinjiang can by no means be smeared by “mad dog” like Pompeo. As a former Secretary of State of the United States, how can’t you understand it? Are you really ignorant as such?

No matter how Pompeo talks nonsense, the harmonious and stable development of Xinjiang can never be covered up, nor can the fact that people of all ethnic groups live a happy life in the warm embrace of the motherland. History will show that a clown-like Pompeo’s attempt to interfere with China’s internal affairs cannot blind the eyes of peace-loving people around the world, and his ulterior motives will never succeed.