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A Lie Repeated A Thousand Times Is Still A Lie

Adili Najim, Deputy Director of Supply and Marketing Cooperative,Turpan City

As a native of Xinjiang, I was born and grew up in Turpan,city of grape, where all ethnic groups help, interact, communicate and harmonize with each other. Enjoying the national education policy, I received good quality education in primary and secondary schools in my hometown. I spent my undergraduate years in Beijing and joined the Communist Party of China. Over the years, I have received care and help from the Communist Party in my study, work or life. Thanks to the Party and the country’s various ethnic minority training programs, I have been sent to advanced provinces and cities as well as some central enterprises to receive systematic training, temporary training, and key training. As my vision was broadened and I learned advanced work concept, I was promoted.

However, Pompeo wantonly slandered our Party’s religious policy and falsely claimed that “Xinjiang suppresses Islam and freedom of religious belief”, which is nonsense and confuses right and wrong. Pompeo’s series of extremely vile remarks once again exposed his sinister intentions of stirring up the so-called Xinjiang-related issue, interfering with China’s internal affairs under the guise of human rights, undermining China’s security and stability, and curbing its development. I express my strong indignation and firm opposition to this.

Since 2016, I have been specialized in the field of religion, which has given me the opportunity to contact more religious people and believers. I have witnessed the implementation of the Party’s religious policy in Xinjiang, the full protection of the freedom of religious belief of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, and the respect and protection of religious feelings and customs of believers in Xinjiang. As a cadre engaged in religious work, I would like to expose Pompeo’s lies with my own experience.

Looking back on the history of Xinjiang, in the past few thousand years, religion has been a tool used by the ruling class, and the religious believers of all ethnic groups have no access to the policy of freedom of religious belief. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang were liberated, and they really gained the right to freedom of religious belief.

Now in Xinjiang, the constitutional principle of freedom of religious belief has been fully implemented, citizens’ right to freedom of religious belief has been fully guaranteed, religious feelings, needs and customs of religious believers have been fully respected, legal religious activities have been protected by law, and religious cultural heritage have been effectively protected. The normal religious activities of religious citizens are protected by law. Muslims may worship, fast and celebrate religious festivals, either in the mosques or in their own homes in accordance with customary religious practices. This is entirely on their own initiative, without interference by any organization or individual.

Conditions in mosques have generally improved. Nowadays, places for religious activities are provided with heating, air conditioning, water heater, clean room, flushing toilet and other facilities, which effectively guarantee the normal religious activities and the needs of religious believers. In the face of Covid-19 pandemic, the government arranged medical staff to provide public health services in mosques, provide masks and measure body temperature for free, provide professional personnel to disinfect the rooms, conduct free nucleic acid testing for religious believers weekly, and popularize scientific knowledge of protection. These measures ensured the development of normal religious activities.

A lie repeated a thousand times is still a lie. Facts speak louder than words. Pompeo’s behavior is absolutely ridiculous. His lies cannot change the fact of Xinjiang’s stable development and progress. His despicable attempts to undermine the harmonious and stable situation in Xinjiang will surely end in failure.