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We Firmly Oppose Pompeo,the Clown’s Political Farce

Gulinishahan Matniyaz, Deputy Commissioner of Hotan District Administration

Pompeo publicly made Xinjiang-related remarks, unprovoked attacks and deliberate attempts to smear the strategy of the CPC Central Committee on Xinjiang in disregard of facts, grossly interfered in China’s internal affairs, and tried to distort and smear anti-terrorism efforts and instigated ethnic relations in Xinjiang. Pompeo made groundless accusations against the human rights situation in Xinjiang and the CPC Central Committee’s policy of governing Xinjiang in accordance with the law, deliberately slandered the human rights situation in Xinjiang, and wantonly smeared China’s efforts to fight against extremism and terrorism. This is a blatant violation of international law and basic norms governing international relations. It is a completely political farce. As a Uyghur Party member and cadre, as a participant, witness and beneficiary of Xinjiang’s stable development, I strongly condemn and firmly oppose Pompeo’s groundless accusation and malicious slander against Xinjiang!

As a cadre born and working in south Xinjiang for a long time, I have the honor to grow up with the reform and opening up of the motherland, witnessing the great achievements made by the Party leading the people of the whole country, and the earth-shaking development and changes of my hometown. The CPC Central Committee of China has given special concern to Xinjiang and the provinces and municipalities provide selfless assistance for Xinjiang. Hotan has enjoyed the Party’s good policies and implemented the policies of benefiting people in education, health care, housing and other aspects. It has successfully achieved the goal of lifting all the poverty-stricken people, villages and counties out of poverty under the current standards, and has won a decisive victory in the fight against poverty. The establishment of Xinjiang Junior and Senior High School Minority Classes has enabled children in remote and poor areas to receive the most advanced education in the mainland and developed areas in Xinjiang. Medical care has benefited thousands of families. It has achieved full coverage of basic medical insurance, implemented free physical examination for all people in Hotan, and provided medical insurance for farmers and herdsmen. When they are sick, they can receive the best treatment in the hospital. Now they can also enjoy the service of “diagnosis and treatment before payment”. Beijing, Tianjin and Anhui have provided assistance for seven counties and one city in Hotan, which has improved our living, working, educational and medical conditions. Such good policies and good life are unprecedented. It is real and is what we can personally experience.

Pompeo, do you pretend not to see the good situation of social harmony and stability and people’s living and working in peace and contentment in Xinjiang? What qualifications do you have to make groundless accusations against our human rights policy and the policy of governing Xinjiang? Here, I solemnly advise Pompeo to stop your political farce immediately. Your lies and sinister intentions will eventually be swept into the dustbin of history.