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Pompeo and Zenz’s Lies Can Not Smear Xinjiang People’s Happy Life At All

Aierti Abudukelim, Vice Editor-in-Chief of Bortala Newspaper

Recently, Mike Pompeo and Adrian Zenz made up a series of lies, wantonly smearing Xinjiang’s human rights, intentionally slandering Xinjiang’s brilliant picture and the happy life of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang and attempting to sabotage Xinjiang’s social stability. As an ethnic journalist who has been under the care and attention from the Party for many years, I express my strong condemnation, extreme outrage and resolute opposition to their words and actions.

The care and attention from the Party and government are given to me and my family in every aspect. Over the years I went to inland cities and places to study and learn professional knowledge and my comprehensive capability and capacity improved to a great extent. I have two daughters. With the outstanding policies from the Party and government, my eldest daughter Luobaier Aierti went to study in Songgang Middle School in Shenzhen, Guangdong for secondary education and she was successfully admitted to University of International Business and Economics in Beijing. After undergraduate studies she continued to study as a postgraduate. And now she is a Ph.D candidate in Communication University of China. It is with the care and attention from the Party that she could achieve what she is now. My younger daughter Niluoriya Aierti also enjoyed the excellent policies. After graduation in junior high school she was also admitted to Songgang Middle School in Shenzhen and after years of senior high school studies she was admitted to Communication University of China, finishing her bachelor’s and master’s degrees all the way. After graduation, she began to work as a journalist in Xinjiang TV Station. It is also with the policies from the Party and government, both of them have been honored to be accepted as members of Communist Party of China, living happily and with full satisfaction.

I was born in Xinjiang, raised up in Xinjiang and I am working in Xinjiang. I am the participant and witness of continuous improvement of sense of happiness for Xinjiang people. Over the years, Xinjiang government put forward such beneficiary measures as assisting and aiding group. All levels of party administration and government’s sole purpose is to serve people with heart and soul. People’s hearts are won in return. The gap between urban and rural areas are narrowing down remarkably. The effect to rejuvenate rural areas increases to show itself. The villages look brand new today. There are spacious and bright beneficiary houses, straight and even asphalt roads, crystal and sanitary running water, beautiful and fruitful courtyard and sparkling bathroom with hot showering water. These are real pictures of people’s happy life here. The modern civilized living style is now a common thing for all villagers now. Either in city or in countryside, all children enjoy free three-year preschool education and nine-year compulsory education. Every young person is entitled to a fair and high-quality education. If one is sick, there is medical care insurance to cover almost all the cost; if one wants to do farming, there are various subsidies; if one gets old, there is pension and insurance. This is the place that I was born and grew up! My beautiful and wonderful homeland! In today’s Bortala Mongol Autonomous Prefecture, society is stable and people are living in peace and contentment.

Whether our life is nice or otherwise, we, Xinjiang people, are the best qualified to speak on it. Pompeo and Zenz, the lies you two made up are just like the rocks that will fall on your own feet finally! Your ugly and malicious words and actions can not stop our way to build a beautiful and prosperous Xinjiang at all!