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Pompeo and Adrian Zenz, Take back Your Lies!

Work Team Dispatched by Urumqi Women Federation to Shijiayuanzi Community of North Youhao Sub-district in Saybagh District, Urumqi

Recently, the former US Secretary of State Pompeo and Adrian Zenz, a German “scholar”, published fallacies about Xinjiang, saying that Xinjiang committed human rights violations and “crimes against humanity” against the Uygurs and other ethnic minorities, and discredited Xinjiang. This is totally a nonsense that ignores facts and hurts the feelings of people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. Their slanders on women and children in Xinjiang especially wantonly and arbitrarily confuse the right and wrong. We must resolutely refute them!

Facts cannot be hidden, and truth cannot be distorted. As the work team dispatched by Urumqi Women Federation to work in Shijiayuanzi Community, North Youhao Sub-district, Saybagh District, Urumqi, we want to talk about what we have seen and heard. In our community there live nine ethnic groups, including Han, Uygur, Hui, Kazakh and Xibe. In the community, there are many women and children. We give full play to the advantages of the Women Federation in serving women and children, actively providing consultation on marriage and family, education for the people of all ethnic groups in the community, carrying out publicity of laws and regulations such as the law on the protection of women’s rights and interests and the law on the protection of minors. In our work, we try our best to protect the rights and interests of women and children in accordance with the law, care for women and children, and continuously enhance the sense of happiness of women and children.

Ayiguli Slayin is a resident of our community, and a sister-in-law in a family with more than ten people of four generations. She didn’t have a good income and the financial conditions in her family was not good. The staff members of work team wanted to develop the relationship of a paired relative with her and help her, a cooking lover, to participate in pastry, cooking and embroidery skills training classes organized by the community. In this way, we can help improve her entrepreneurial and employment ability, and broaden the way to increase her income. She is fond of making cakes. She has been praised by everyone in her study and has created many new methods for making cakes. With the support of the work team, she has set up a pastry shop of her own, which has realized her entrepreneurship and greatly improved her family’s living conditions. Her eldest daughter, Alimire Along, has begun to study as a graduate student, and her youngest daughter, Aikeda Along, was admitted to an university in Shanghai. The power of hope has brought every woman in the family to strive hard. Pompeo and Adrian Zenz, open your eyes and have a look. Is there any oppression and deprivation of rights in Xinjiang?

In the community, the work team provides strong support for women and children of all ethnic groups to achieve their ideal of pursuing a better life. The event of “touring hometown and viewing changes” has provided new perspectives for them to see the development and change of the city. The event of “enjoying beautiful scenery and making delicious food” provides a platform for women of all ethnic groups in the community to display their talents and skills. People of all ethnic groups cooperate to make delicious food and enjoy the harmonious development of the city. Women are both participants and beneficiaries of a rich and colorful cultural life in community. The annual selection activities of “the most beautiful family”, “the most beautiful woman” and “the most beautiful courtyard” carried out by the work team and the community have become a stage for women of all ethnic groups to show their self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance and self-improvement, forming a good relationship of unity and mutual assistance among families of all ethnic groups. These favorable atmosphere and conditions have created opportunities for them to further develop themselves in the society, broaden their horizons, increase their knowledge and talents, and realize their personal value. Facts have fully proved that what Pompeo and Adrian Zenz said about “violating the human rights of the Uygur and other ethnic minorities” is sheer nonsense.

In our community, children of all ethnic groups have a healthy growth environment. The children all drink the “nurturing milk” provided by the government, which is one of the “ten practical things of people’s livelihood construction” in Urumqi. The music, art, dance, mathematics and other courses offered by The Home of Women and Children in the community enable children of all ethnic groups to enjoy a sea of knowledge and art. On the international women’s day on March 8, children of all ethnic groups present their best wishes to their mothers in pure and tender language. In our “6:30 classroom” , children are reading aloud. Primary school students of all grades in the community learn, read and grow together here. Yuemai’er Aihaiti, the most active child in the classroom, has become an excellent junior high school student, and has been rated as “excellent student” and “excellent class leader” for many times. The little guy confidently said, “I will be admitted to my ideal university in the future.” Pompeo and Adrian Zenz, what you said about “genocide in Xinjiang” is a complete lie. The healthy growth of children of all ethnic groups in our community is the best proof.

The work team is closest to the mass, and has the best understanding of their situation and the deepest feelings for them. We have personally seen and felt the warmth and happiness of unity and harmony among the people of all ethnic groups in the community. Pompeo and Adrian Zenz, your lies can not change the unity of the masses of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, your rumors and slanders can not shake the stability, prosperity, happiness and peace of Xinjiang, and your shameful words can not affect the happy life and healthy growth of our women and children at all. The solid facts will nail you on the stigma pillar of history, and you will stay there forever!