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Refuting Pompeo and Adrian Zenz’s “century lies”

Work Team Dispatched by the Publicity Department of the CPC Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Committee to Qiaoda Township, Pishan County

Recently, The former US Secretary of State Pompeo and the “academic rogue” Adrian Zenz published fallacies about Xinjiang. They ignored facts and fabricated false information, saying that “China committed genocide and crimes against humanity” against the Uygur Muslims and other ethnic minorities in Xinjiang. It is a sheer nonsense. As the work team in the village, we express strong indignation and firm opposition to this.

Walking into Ayageqiaoda village on the edge of Taklimakan desert at the foot of Kunlun Mountains, you can see straight roads, beautiful people benefiting houses, Pomegranate Seed Culture Square with singing carried to your ears. The first rural water playground built on the edge of the desert in southern Xinjiang attracts tourists from all over the world. People are playing in the desert water world, enjoying every minute in this wonderful world…….

The work team members devoted themselves to their work, treating the villagers as their own family members and villagers’ affairs as their own family affairs, and continued to carry out the activities of “ethnic unity” and other unity enhancing activities, so as to bring people’s hearts close to each other to the greatest extent. We did one thing after another and worked here one year after another, having successfully strengthened our contact with the villagers with our true feelings, subtly shortened the distance with the masses and enhanced mutual friendship.

Employment is the biggest livelihood. We went to the village and entered their houses, chatting with the villagers face to face and listening to the villagers’ voices, and helped the villagers to achieve employment and increase their income to have a better-off life, which is all the villagers’ wish. Nowadays, villagers have taken the initiative to go out of their hometown. They have not only learned vocational skills, increased their income, but also have broadened their horizons. “Thanks to the work team for their strong support for us to find employment outside our hometown. I will work hard to increase my income and become rich,” said Wumai’erjiang Maimaitimin emotionally. He has been awarded the title of “the most beautiful migrant worker”.

With the support of the departments which have dispatched work teams to work here, Pomegranate Seed Culture Square, service hall, youth activity center and culture hall have been built and put to use, and the village takes on a completely new look. The timber processing plant, desert water world, fodder base and other enterprises have been rooted in succession, and the industrial development is booming. The dusty dirt road now have become a clean and broad asphalt road. A new farmyard has replaced the low adobe houses in the past, and the neat and orderly-arrayed farmland and forests are full of vitality. “Since the work team came to our village, the change has been so big that the people in the village are busier and there is more joyful laugh than before,” said Aihemati Sawuti, a villager in the village.

The great change of small villages is the great practice of the Party’s strategy of governing Xinjiang in the new era, and it is a miniature of the development and change of new rural area in Xinjiang in the new era. What is the most tangible and charming change in Ayageqiaoda village in the past two years? That’s the sweet smile and happiness on the villagers’ faces!

Today Xinjiang is in its best period of prosperity and development in history. People of all ethnic groups live and work in peace and harmony, and enjoy the full rights of survival and development. Pompeo and Adrian Zenz, under the guise of safeguarding human rights, intended to stir up ethnic dissension, undermine the social stability of Xinjiang and hinder the development of Xinjiang. Their slanders and fallacies can not discredit China, let alone hinder the process of the stable development of Xinjiang. We people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang will hold together more and more closely like pomegranate seeds to build a beautiful home.