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Pompeo and Adrian Zenz, Your Lies Are Doomed to Be Discarded in the Dustbin of History

Abulimit Yusan, Deputy Director of the Publicity Department of the CPC Bayingolin Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture Committee

Pompeo and Adrian Zenz, it is high time to talk to you about your preposterous behaviors based upon the facts and data that I know and of course you know. Your lies are doomed to be discarded in the dustbin of history.

I was born and raised in Xinjiang. As a Uygur, I am proud that I am a Chinese citizen.

I study, live, and work with people of various ethnic groups. We, regardless of ethnicity, are close to each other, and help each other. Every working day is full of laughter, and we are happy and united. Every moment of being together reflects harmony and warmth in cameras and writings, which move us deeply. We are living a very happy life in China’s Xinjiang.

Pompeo and Adrian Zenz, do you know Chinese culture? Definitely you do not. Let me tell you that the Chinese culture is the integration of the cultures of various ethnic groups over several thousand years. In China, there is no single culture. Do you know that, the ID cards of Chinese citizens and banknotes bear not only the standard Chinese, but also other minority languages?

Pompeo and Adrian Zenz, although I know my words will annoy you greatly, I tell you that, in order to promote traditional Chinese culture, we organized more than 1,100 themed grassroots tour performances last year, with more than 100 thousand audience. Cultural services were provided to all the 38 poverty-stricken villages across the prefecture. To encourage reading among all the people, we established 4 reading demonstration bases in collaboration with Korla city, organizing more than 130 reading activities with more than 14,000 participants. We offered 24,638 rural public-interest film showings, with more than 3 million viewers. We also established 412 village comprehensive cultural stations and 180 community comprehensive cultural centers. In the past year, the support and subsidies provided by the financial project funds of Bayingolin Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture to the cultural industry reached 41.14 million yuan.

These measures have not only promoted Chinese traditional culture, but also strengthened the sense of cultural identity of the people from all ethnic groups by offering them the excellent modern and traditional cultures.

In addition, we have actively promoted the construction of cultural relic protection projects. The archaeological excavation of the sites related to the Western Regions Frontier Command has been progressing smoothly. The restoration work of the main body of the Manhan Prince Mansion has been completed. The protection projects of the Uzgen ancient city and the Bogdaqin ancient city will be completed within the year. The security project of the Chawuhu ancient tomb complex and the project of the protective facilities for Yingpan ancient city and tombs have been started.

In the big family of Xinjiang, people from all ethnic groups tightly embrace one and other like pomegranate seeds. Hard as you try, you cannot separate us.

Pompeo and Adrian Zenz, how shameless you are to attack China's human rights by ignoring the facts! How could you be so confident and courageous to attack the Uygur human rights in China’s Xinjiang? Aren’t you afraid of losing your face? Are you going to dump your face on the ground to be trampled on?

Pompeo and Adrian Zenz, out of sympathy, I would like to confer on you the "commendation" from the media such as Washington Post, New York Times and Slate. I regard it as goodbye and good riddance to you and your countless absurd acts.

To end the talk, I’d like to give you a kind reminder: "What goes around comes around" and "Justice may be late sometimes, but never absent", so, Pompeo and Adrian Zenz, are you ready for the judgement and punishment of history?