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Pompeo and Adrian Zenz, Stop Being A Clown

Tuxunayi Abulimiti, Member of Standing Committee of the CPC Zepu County Committee, Director of the Publicity Department

Pompeo and Adrian Zenz are notorious for lying and cheating. They tried to seek personal interests by using anti-China schemes. I just want to say that all kinds of lies related to Xinjiang you spread will be swept into the rubbish dump of history. They are bound to be subject to justice when revealed.

Happy life Comes from the Good Policies of the CPC

I was born in China and grew up under the red flag. During my life, what I have witnessed, together with all that I heard from the older generation, is how the great party, the great motherland benefit the people. As an ethnic minority cadre and a member of Communist Party of China, I feel extremely glorious and proud that I am the builder and witness of Xinjiang's development and change, and the implementer of various policies which benefit the local people. Over the years, the Communist Party of China has been implementing the people-centered development philosophy, focusing on ensuring and improving people's livelihood via promoting employment, education, medical care, social security and other projects which benefit people. We vigorously popularized nine-year compulsory education, implemented three-year free pre-school education in the urban and rural areas in southern Xinjiang, implemented free physical examination for the all people. We fully covered serious illness insurance, centralized treatment of serious illness for the rural poor and contracted services for chronic diseases. We have improved the social security system by continuously raising the minimum living standard for the poor in urban and rural areas, so that people's living standard has been continuously improved. The people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang are living a happy life. As I heard from the the public, "Our days are sweeter than honey, and happy life comes from the party's good policies." Although Pompeo and Adrian Zenz have been sparing no efforts to discredit China and they are talking nonsense about Xinjiang related. But the truth will be out!

People Comes First, Life Comes First

In the nationwide campaign to fight against the epidemic, I see that everyone’s life, from old people to newly-born babies, has been cherished. If there is a glimmer of hope, we will make every effort to save people’s life. These actions fully demonstrate the concept of people comes first, life comes first. In Zepu, more than 5000 volunteers from all ethnic groups, regardless of age and job, participated in the war against the epidemic. They actively carried out voluntary services such as disinfection, medical services, material distribution, psychological counseling, garbage cleaning, and logistics support. They demonstrated great concern about people from different nationalities and passed on the Chinese tradition which highlights unity and sharing weal and woe. The concept of "We Are A Member of Chinese Family" is deeply engraved in the hearts of people from different nationalities in China.

Since February 22, the fight against pandemic in the last high risk areas with epidemic situation in China had been completed. China's experience in fighting the epidemic had become a successful model for the world to deal with emergencies concerning public health. These achievements also show China's strength, spirit and efficiency. The people's feelings and great love reflected in the battle against the virus are the most powerful refutations to the lies of Pompeo and Adrian Zenz. You are the king of lies. In my hometown, life is above everything, and the right of life and health of people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang have been fully guaranteed.

The Sunshine of Poverty Alleviation is Everywhere

It seems that the vow that "No one of the ethnic minorities shall be left behind in the way of achieving the fairly well-off life" is still ringing in our ears. Over the past eight years since we started our campaign against poverty, countless cadres have taken the poor of all ethnic groups as their family members and worked with them. These reflect the brotherhood spirit of the Chinese nation. They bear honor and disgrace, advance and retreat together. The Communist Party's fraternal spirit of pursuing happiness for all people has been fully demonstrated. Nowadays, people of all ethnic groups in Zepu promote economic by developing light industries such as growing jujube and walnut. Factories are set up in the village, so that the villagers can find jobs near their home. Zepu presents a harmonious development scene everywhere. There are spacious and bright houses row by row. Asphalt road has been built leading to homes. Besides, trees and flowers are everywhere. Everywhere is a beautiful picture of rural revitalization and happy life of people.

Pompeo and Adrian Zenz do not want to see a prosperous and stable Xinjiang or a strong rising socialist China. Therefore, they called white black, distorted the facts and tried to undermine our national relations. They aimed to destroy the ethnic relations and achieve the purpose of making Xinjiang instable. They are daydreaming. We have already noticed the tricks of your clown performance. Your sinister intentions will never succeed!