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Pompeo’s Farce Cannot Hinder Xinjiang’s Prosperous Development and Ethnic Unity

Dorikun Bawudon, Deputy Director of Housing and Construction Bureau of High-tech Zone Urumqi Municipality

As a cadre as well as a member of CPC born in Xinjiang, I strongly condemn Pompeo’s “century lies”, which was delivered on the occasion of his departure.

I was born in the 1970s in Saybagh District, Urumqi, and my parents were staff members of state-owned enterprises. At that time, we lived in the bungalow allocated by their enterprises. I still remember our neighbor, Gao Yanjun, the son of Technician Gao. Although he was several years older than me, he especially enjoyed playing with me and eating the hand-pulled noodles cooked by my mother. Every Spring Festival, my mother would fry the dough twist for them. And we would pay a New Year’s visit to the nearby Han neighbors and were extremely happy with our pockets filled with sugar, peanuts, melon seeds and other snacks. All the people in our neighborhood got along quite well with each other.

I grew up and was admitted to Xinjiang University in 1992. After graduation I began working and received lots of care and help from my colleagues at work. Although I grew up in such a big city as Urumqi and my oral speaking of Chinese Mandarin was good, there was still a lot of room for improvement in writing. In my work, my leaders and colleagues helped, encouraged, and supported me to complete various tasks, and over time I became a leader that the Party and people could trust. In 2005, I joined the Communist Party of China with honor. In my working career, my progress, achievements and growth cannot be separated from the care and training of the Communist Party of China.

Living in Urumqi for decades, I have witnessed great changes have taken place through the implementations of various policies of the Party and the government as a cadre engaged in urban construction. In recent years, the municipal government has promoted the social and economic development via sundry projects, such as “major capitals top 6” and “the practical work for people’s livelihood top 10”. As a result, we have more schools and hospitals established, the subway running, the traffic system improved and the business booming. Now Urumqi has gradually developed into a modern city with better outlook, cleaner environment, orderly promotion of urban renewal, increasingly convenient means for transportation and better social networks. In every corner of the city, the harmony between the people of ethnic minorities and Han people can be easily sensed.

Without the Communist Party of China and support of our motherland, we would not live a happy life now. Pompeo, people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang have the final say in the development of the region. In the face of prosperous development of Xinjiang, the clumsier your performance is, the deeper your ugliness will be exposed, and the harder you will have your own face slapped!