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To Denounce Pompeo and Adrian Zenz’s Lies and Fallacies with Facts

Zolagu Sayim, Deputy Director of the Healthcare Security Bureau of Kashgar Prefecture

Pompeo and Adrian Zenz pursued their own selfish interests to fabricate "genocide" and other Xinjiang-related remarks that are purely ridiculous political lies. I express my strong indignation and resolute opposition to such actions! As a Uygur official born and raised in Xinjiang, I want to share with you the realities of the socialist Xinjiang based on my personal experiences.

I was born and brought up in Xinjiang. As a Uygur official, the progress in every stage of my life is contributable to the Party’s cultivation and care, and to the Party’s preferential policies. I have witnessed personally the development and changes in Xinjiang, and I am enjoying the happy life in peace and stability. Especially in the past few years, I have deeply felt that, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, great changes in economic development have taken place, especially in southern Xinjiang. People of all ethnic groups are living a happy and beautiful life.

My paternal and maternal parents were all farmers. Thanks to the good policies of the Party, my parents all went to junior colleges and became doctors after graduation. They raised six children. We were taught to study hard to become useful talents who love the Party and the country. Under the cultivation of the Party, four of us went to universities and two went to technical secondary schools, and are now making contribution to the development of Xinjiang in their own jobs. I went to the Finance and Trade School of Kashgar Prefecture in 1990, majoring in accounting. After my graduation in 1992, I went to work in Kashgar Uygur Hospital. In 2019, I was promoted to Deputy Director of the Healthcare Security Bureau of Kashgar Prefecture. My wife is working at Kashgar Public Security Bureau. The elder daughter was admitted to Guangdong University of Foreign Studies in 2017, majoring in journalism and communication, and the younger daughter is studying at the No. 8 Primary School of Kashgar. Both of them prefer learning and are filled with hope for the future.

As I grow up, I have personally witnessed the development and changes in Xinjiang and I have been enjoying the beautiful life in peace and stability. Especially after I was sent to the grassroots communities doing mass work in 2019, I have listened to the voice of the local people, publicized the preferential policies of the Party, and witnessed personally their great progress. All the people have moved into the newly-built government-subsidized houses; their children are studying in bright classrooms; people of all ethnic groups are access to free health check-ups; their health has been improved significantly by participating in basic medical insurance and critical illness insurance. At the same time, we have also found the changes of the villagers who were influenced by extremism when they graduate from the vocational education and training center. They have enhanced awareness of the law. And they have improved the country’s common language.

As Deputy Director of the Healthcare Security Bureau, I witness that, since the founding of medical security department, with the deepening of reforms in key areas and introducing of various preferential policies on medical insurance, the medical security has gradually reached a new level. The health security system in Kashgar prefecture has grown more complete. A universal and sustainable multi-level medical security system comes into being. The system has effectively eased the burden on patients for the cost of basic drugs, and prevented the families from dragging to poverty or falling back to poverty because of illness, providing safeguards for the people of all ethnic groups in the prefecture to lead a well-off life. Since 2019, various medical insurance preferential policies have been introduced in terms of direct settlement of hospitalized expense in places away from patient's hometown, supervision system for the healthcare security fund, reform of health insurance payment method, adjustment of medical insurance reimbursement list, expansion of the coverage of medicines and medical consumables into bulk government purchases, improvement of the guarantees for drugs used in treating hypertension and diabetes, and so on. With the expansion of beneficiary people, the improvement of the medical security level, and especially the promotion of centralized procurement of medicines, we have continuously eased the burden on patients for medical treatment cost. To effectively address people’s needs for medical treatment and to make it affordable, we have implemented "one-stop settlement" and direct settlement of hospitalized expense in places away from the patient's hometown. In 2020, in accordance to the work arrangement, I made an investigation in Shache County for the medical issue of the local insurance subscribers. I visited Gulnisa Yusup, a resident of Basikuduk Village of Alishihu Town in Shache County. She was hospitalized in the First People's Hospital of Kashgar prefecture from May 9 to May 14, 2020 due to aneurysm. During her medical treatment at hospital, the total expense amounted to 195,322.05 yuan. 195,009.46 yuan was reimbursed by urban and rural residents’ basic medical insurance, critical illness insurance, and supplementary medical insurance and medical assistance for extremely poor residents. Her family only paid 312.59 yuan. It’s hard to imagine that, without medical insurance preferential policies, the medical treatment would be unaffordable for such a farmer’s family. It was the Party's preferential policies that give her a second life.

Pompeo and Adrian Zenz just do not want to see the great changes that have taken place in the production and life of Xinjiang people, including the Uygurs. Instead, they continued to spread sensational false information on Xinjiang-related issues, with the purpose of destabilizing Xinjiang and hindering its development. The truth will never be replaced by lies, and justice always inhabits man's heart. Their despicable attempts defy people’s wishes and will never succeed. And their attempts are nothing but an illusion!