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We Are in Xinjiang Cotton’s Defense

 Xinjiang Yufengling Garment Co. Ltd.

Recently, some international brands and organizations such as H&M, based on lies and false information, excluded Xinjiang cotton and its products from their commercial activities, which has aroused great indignation in Chinese society, the textile and apparel industry, and consumers. As a local garment enterprise, our company and its staff firmly oppose any stigmatization of Xinjiang. We are in Xinjiang cotton’s defense.

Xinjiang Yufengling Garment Co., Ltd. is located in Shufu County of Kashgar Prefecture. It adopts an employment model of "headquarters + poverty alleviation workshops", with the factory in Guangzhou New City of Shufu County as its headquarters, and the 8 poverty alleviation workshops in the surrounding towns, very close to where the poor farmers are living. Thus we meet the needs of nearby employment for nearly a thousand local farmers. Through training of local minority management and technical backbones, we reach the localization of the management and technical backbones, and 90% of the management is from ethnic minorities.

By strictly acting on the Labor Law of the People's Republic of China and other relevant laws and regulations, this company signs labor contracts with employees on the basis of equality and voluntariness. It pays the employees with due remuneration on the fair principle of "distributing according to work". The average monthly income of the employees is above 2,000 yuan. Besides, the company regularly organizes cultural activities and tea parties to give full play to the ethnic minority employees' ability to sing and dance and other artistic talents. Through these activities, we have enriched the cultural life of the local farmers as well as the employees, and have made them feel at home in the company.

At present, Shufu County has been completely lifted out of poverty, and the living standards of the local people have undergone tremendous changes. The life of our employees has also improved greatly, with spacious and clean houses, convenient transportation, and colorful culture and entertainment. Today’s happy life is created by the untied people of all ethnic groups with their hands. We warn those with ulterior motives that, Xinjiang is never allowed to be discredited with groundless rumors. Any attempt to destroy our hard-won happy life will never succeed!