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White Xinjiang Cotton Is Never Allowed to Be Tarnished

 Abuduyim,Cotton farmer of Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture

Recently, the anti-China forces in the US and the West frantically attacked and smeared Xinjiang with the so-called "forced labor", slandered cotton production in Xinjiang, and disrupted the market circulation of Xinjiang cotton and its products. I am strongly dissatisfied with the deliberate suppression of the hostile forces in the US and the West on Xinjiang cotton!

My name is Abduyim, 63 years old. My wife and I settled down at a farm in Laolonghe of Changji in 1981. We planted wheat, corn, watermelon, and oil sunflower, but we finally decided to plant cotton. Cotton has brought us a stable income as well as great confidence. 10 year’s cotton planting earns us a good life. Xinjiang cotton is welcome for its good quality. The local cotton ginning mills come to purchase the cotton we harvest. I personally like to study planting techniques. With the help of some technicians, our cotton always maintains a good growth, and its output increases year by year, and hence the income increases year by year. Since we started planting cotton, we have built a new house and supported five children for their education. It is the cotton planting that guarantees a stable income of my family, and it is also the cotton planting that boosts the economic development of Xinjiang. Although I retired in 2014, I go to the cotton farm every year to see it, because I have fallen in love with cotton.

The foreigners’ boycott on Xinjiang cotton makes me angry. As a Chinese as well as a Uyghur farmer, I want to tell those who have a bias toward Xinjiang that, white Xinjiang cotton is never allowed to be tarnished.