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No Plot to Damage Xinjiang’s Stability and Development Will Succeed

Batu Hudabaerdi, Deputy Magistrate of Aktao County

On January 19, Pompeo made Xinjiang-related determination claiming that China committed “genocide” and “anti-humanity crimes” against Muslim Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities. His lie soon aroused strong condemnation and extreme indignation from people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang.

Affairs in Xinjiang are our own affairs,which won’t allow Pompeo to boss around. His farce as such lies only in his ugly political plot, which is wanton and rude interference with China’s internal affairs and serious contempt and violation to people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang.

In my view, human rights means to safeguard the right to life, existence and development above all else.Without the secure, united, stable and harmonious social environment, people’s rights won’t be safeguarded, let alone human rights. Happiness and peace are our utmost human right. Since ancient times, Xinjiang has been a place where people of various ethnic groups live together. They have lived in harmony and gone through thick and thin together,which has produced a history of ethnic solidarity and stability as ethnic groups as united as a family, a history of religious harmony and progress and a history of social prosperity and development.

Over the years, I have witnessed the dramatic change of Xinjiang, our hometown and benefited from the bonus of change as various preferential policies have taken roots and flourished and conditions in housing, medical care, employment and transportation have become more advantageous and convenient. Farmers and herdsmen have all been lifted out of poverty and become richer as agricultural implements, car, telephone and safe water, refrigerator, washing machine, and color TV are seen in every household. At lease one person in a family has secure job and income and every household has deposit. People live a happy life and feel life is getting better and better.

Take my village as an example. During the several years, the changes are beyond my imagination.As the government has invested greatly in the construction of rural infrastructure, things have taken on new looks. All the roads lead to households and numerous sights are in verdant shades and the fields are orderly and well-designed.The construction of new countryside has brought about great changes marked by apricot flower village, rice village and township with special features.The integration of the city and the countryside has seen great development as facilities marking happy living environment such as basketball ground,volleyball ground, small square, grand bazaar, bus station,old folk’s home, people’s stage, cultural activity center, vegetable greenhouse and relocation buildings are seen everywhere.People, young and old, men and women enjoy life here with smiles.

Take myself as an example. I have two children, my daughter being a university student in Shihezi to graduate next year, and my son being a junior studying in Shanghai. Both of them have benefited from favorable policies from kindergarten, primary school, middle school to high school. Except basic living expenses for children, all the other educational expenses such as tuition, books and related materials, accommodation expense and transient student fees are all exempt from, which have not only relieved our family of financial burden, but also enabled our children to enjoy quality education. As they are good at learning, we feel very happy.We thank our government for taking good care of ethnic minorities.

“Truth won’t allow distortion and justice is invincible.” No matter how Pompeo sows discord and fabricates, truth is truth.Any attempt or plot to contain China,smear Xinjiang, damage the stability and development of Xinjiang won’t succeed and will be doomed to failure.