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Let’s Use Facts to Expose Pompeo and Adrian Zenz’s “Nonsense”

Pamir Yasen, Commissar at Traffic Police Corps, Public Security Bureau, Kizilsu Prefecture

Pompeo and Adrian Zenz kept on hyping and slandering China’s governance of Xinjiang,which exposes their unswerving vicious political intention of defaming and lying about China.

I was born in Yikqilai Village,Pilali Township, Aktao County, where there are 2 to 3 children in each household.As its population keeps on increasing, the so-called “forced birth control ” is gross nonsense. Over the years, I have witnessed how the government’s beneficial policies in agriculture have taken root at the grassroots level. During the process of eradicating poverty, supported by policies and fund, Tudi Hasan and Ehematjan, two brothers and my neighbors set up a wood-processing factory. Guliashali Rouzi opened a joint cooperative, leading villagers to get rich together by making curtains. The local government initiated the program of planting 570- mu of honeysuckle to enable nearly 400 surplus rural laborers to work close to home, which has made more than 2,000 people benefit from it and shared bonus. To improve children’s schooling condition, the village built a 300-square meter kindergarten. In 2020 all the villagers were lifted out of poverty and their life has become better and better.

With the joint efforts of the village committee and villagers, the outlook of the village has seen dramatic changes. There are no more shabby mud houses, muddy country roads and smelly garbage.Nowadays, the cement roads lead to each and every household and beautiful green belt and fences are built along the roads. All the courtyards are painted and all the courtyards are tidy and clean.Courtyard economy is developed and green trash cans are used. The villagers’ spiritual outlook is getting better as art team,sports team and volunteers team are organized to organize collective activities to make their life more entertaining and diverse. Villagers have exclaimed that they have never imagined that their village has become so tidy and beautiful.

Now every household in the village enjoys TV, radio, safe tap water and government-subsidized houses. They have access to clinic and supermarket. The village committee takes villagers’ affairs seriously and solve their problems with care, affection and efforts.Consequently, villagers’ sense of gain, happiness and safety keeps on increasing.

Facts speak louder than words. Pompeo and Adrian Zenz’s anti-China remarks are themselves gross lies.As fallacies are doomed to fail, their lies will surely make themselves laughing stocks.