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People of All Ethnic Groups in Xinjiang Will Never Be Taken In by Pompeo

Ahemajan Keram, Member of Leading Group of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference & Vice Chairman of Aktao County, Deputy Party Secretary of CPC Baren Township & Head of the Township

Some time ago, Pompeo made Xinjiang-related remarks regardless of facts, interfered with China’s internal affairs under the disguise of human rights and wantonly smeared the good condition of Xinjiang and its prosperity and stability as well as the wonderful life of people who enjoy their life and work in Xinjiang. His hypocritical conduct is disgusting because he meant to interfere with affairs in Xinjiang and do harm to people instead of showing his care to them. As is known to all, wanton slander of solidarity people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang enjoy is Pompeo’s trick all along. He groundlessly accused the Chinese government of its governance of Xinjiang and smeared the image of Xinjiang by putting on the crazy farce of sticking to lying.Being the worst and most shameless politician in history, Pompeo intends basically to incite ethnic hatred to undermine solidarity people of all ethnic groups enjoy now and the development of Xinjiang and to work on separatism instead of minding religion and ethnic minorities in Xinjiang. Being a Uyghur cadre born in Aktao County, Xinjiang, I strongly oppose and condemn what he did. People of different ethnic groups in Xinjiang are united and hospitable and we will never take in what Pompeo said.

I have witnessed the constant progress and dramatic changes in Xinjiang. My personal growth has been inseparable from the tender care and concern of the Communist Party and the government. Born in a soldier’s family of four children, with the help of various beneficial policies of the Communist Party and the government, my siblings and I were all public servants. My brother and sister started to do business thanks to the reform and opening-up policy and they have done a good job and earned a lot of money. I was sent to the local junior college on recommendation. I was able to make progress step by step and now become an official owing to the good policies of the Communist Party and the government.My son and daughter also benefit from the good policies.They have enjoyed quality education the same as other children. My daughter is about to graduate from Nanjing University of Finance & Economics and she said she wants to come back and work in Xinjiang to make it better and more wonderful. My son is about to join the army and contribute to his motherland by guarding it.

Therefore, we do not need Pompeo, the political virus to boss around commenting on whether Xinjiang is doing well or not. We, people in Xinjiang have the say concerning whether Xinjiang is doing well or not and whether people are living a happy life or not.We, the grassroots cadres who work in south Xinjiang are the best to tell facts.

Let me introduce to you the changes taking place in Baren Township in recent years.

For some time in the past,when violent and terrorist cases happened frequently, the serious and complex situation seriously affected the life and work of people of all ethnic groups, especially those in Baren Township. The vocational education and training center set up in accordance with law to proactively tackle with terrorism and extremism has saved innocent people who were affected by extremism and had illegal and criminal behaviors to the largest extent. Consequently, there has been no violent and terrorist cases for more than four years, which have met with people’s years of aspiration and expectation for stability. In recent years, the Communist Party Committee and government of Baren Township have enhanced poverty alleviation strategies and kept on with targeted poverty lifting. Village-level roads are built, water channel and tap water pipe network have been set up together with power network so that tap water and electricity are available in households. Organizations of the Communist Party,bilingual kindergarten, clinic and convenience center have been improved so that infrastructure and public service ability have been enhanced greatly. Many poor households have been lifted out of poverty as villagers are able to work close to home in district factories, poverty relief workshop, cooperative workshop and public welfare posts. As villagers no longer worry about food and clothing, they feel very grateful to the government’s good policies.

Aren’t such good policies and happy life what we crave for? I want to ask Pompeo, are we really oppressed and forced? I am sure the answer is an undoubted NO. Pompeo kept on lying and smearing what we’ve achieved for the vicious intention of damaging the good condition of stability and harmony in Xinjiang and preventing the development of Xinjiang as people of ethnic groups enjoy solidarity. We’ve been clear about his vicious intention and won’t be taken in by Pompeo!