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Your Intention Will Never Be Realized When You Ignore Facts and Wantonly Incite Hatred

Mayim Rouz, Chairman of the Association for Science and Technology, Kizilsu Kirgiz Prefecture & First Secretary of Sakezairk Village, Jamaterek Township, Aktao County

Recently, Pompeo and Adrian Zenz slandered human rights conditions in Xinjiang, wantonly defamed its efforts in de-radicalization and anti-terrorism and attacked viciously China’s governance of Xinjiang and made the false claim that it committed “genocide” and “anti-humanity crime” against Muslim Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities, ignoring facts and confounding black and white. Being a cadre of ethnic background, I feel very indignant at and condemn their ugly conduct as they are driven by political prejudice and hatred against the Communist Party.

Born in Artux, recalling its past and looking at its development today, I will say it has changed dramatically. The first asphalt road in Artux City was completed in 1976, but now roads leading to all the households in the village are paved. The mud houses in the past are now replaced by tall buildings. All these mark the development and changes in Artux. History is moving forward. Th great changes in Xinjiang and the wonderful life of people of all ethnic backgrounds is the utmost human right. Nowadays, Kizilsu Kirgiz Prefecture has bid farewell to poverty. The village I work at sees its villagers earning an annual income of over 10, 000 yuan. The paved roads lead to villagers’ houses which are government-subsidized ones enjoyed by all. Three-year preschool education and twelve- year primary and middle school education have been provided to all students. Villagers enjoy full coverage of medical insurance and free health examination. The basic needs of the elder, the weak, the disabled and the diseased are all covered through social security. People of all ethnic backgrounds enjoy increasing sense of gain, happiness and safety. All the above fully manifest that the Chinese Communist Party takes care of the ethnic minorities in Xinjiang. Facts are not allowed to be manipulated. Remarks such as genocide are nonsense spoken by liars with their eyes open.

I will never forget the brotherhood we cherish as a family. When my father passed away in 1977, I was only eight years old. My mother had to shoulder the burden of bringing up five children and we had a very difficult time. Luckily we grew up with the help of uncles and aunts in the army.Later when I was about to go to college, tuition was a big thing. It was our Han neighbors who gave a helping hand by donating money so that my dream of becoming a university student came true. When I work at the village, I witness that freshmen from poor families going to universities outside Xinjiang are provided with 6,000 yuan and those who go to local universities are provided with 3,000 yuan every year by the government. Such good policy makes it possible for more and more students to chase their dreams and villagers are very grateful to the Communist Party and the government for their care and concern.

Facts are not allowed to be smeared. It is ridiculous to say that ethnic minorities in Xinjiang do not have human rights. In recent years, the Association for Science and Technology of Kizilsu Kirgiz Prefecture has invested more than 500,000 yuan for over 150 facilities such as corridors promoting science and technology, electronic screen and E station for promoting science and technology installed at schools, community centers and public squares. Meanwhile, the contents for publicity are translated into various ethnic languages to facilitate people’s understanding. What’s more, various kinds of activities to promote science and technology are held to publicize the beneficial policies of the Communist Party, advanced knowledge and skills, including “Winter for Science and Technology”, “Program to Bring Scientific and Literacy Knowledge and Offer Medical Service to Rural Areas ” and “Week of Science and Technology”. As a result, villagers are able to get access to more knowledge and their rights of learning more knowledge in science is secured.

Facts speak louder than words. Incitement only makes one a laughing stock and plot will never succeed. I firmly believe that under the strong leadership of the Communist Party, deeply concerned by the CPC Central Committee, supported by pairing provinces and cities, Xinjiang will have a brighter tomorrow and people of all ethnic groups will have a happier life!