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Funny Clowns Pompeo and Adrian Zenz

Aziguli Mamuti, Director of the Health Commission, Aksu Prefecture

Recently, Pompeo and Adrian Zenz have been jumping up and down like clowns, stirring up the flames, ignoring facts, talking nonsense and fabricating all kinds of political lies, including those related to Xinjiang, for fear that the world would not be in chaos and people would spurn them! As a leading cadre and Communist Party member growing up step by step from the grassroots level, I am filled with righteous indignation at their vicious rumors.

I was born and nurtured in Aksu, and have lived here for generations. It is this beautiful and rich fertile land that brought me up. I have been living in Xinjiang, a big multi-ethnic family, and have felt the warmth brought by the big family of ethnic unity. When I was young, I was determined to be an excellent medical worker. When I grow up, I will learn medical knowledge well and help patients relieve the pain caused by diseases with exquisite techniques. With the teachers’ education and my own efforts, I was admitted to Xinjiang Medical College after graduation from high school. I enjoyed the good policy of the Communist Party and was exempted from tuition, books and food costs and given a living allowance. The students in our class come from all parts of the country. Although we come from all over the world, we live together, eat together and study together. We are not estranged because of our different ethnic languages, instead, we get along very happily. So far, two good friends of the university are still in contact. Looking back on our unforgettable campus life, I vaguely remember many memorable moments. The pleasant study life has strengthened my childhood ambition, especially the communication between students of all ethnic groups, which has enlightened my thought, increased my knowledge and broadened my horizon. After taking part in the work, I have experienced a number of posts. It is the Communist Party’s cultivation that let me promote step by step from the basic health center to today’s position. In the past 30 years, I have worked in many departments and met many friends and colleagues of different ethnic groups, such as the Han, Kirgiz and Hui. In our long-term work and life, we have got along well with each other and have developed a deep friendship with each other.

In 2014, when I was stationed in the village, I deeply felt that the Communist Party’s policies for benefiting people were really implemented in their hearts. All the people had free physical examination, the villagers’ family difficulties had the minimum guarantee, the sick and hospitalized had medical security, their children had 15- year free education, and they enjoyed skills training programs to earn money. The simple and dilapidated adobe houses became solid houses. Even farming, stock raising and farm machinery purchase are subsidized by the national policy, and all villages are connected with asphalt roads. These policies, which are related to every aspect of people’s production and life, bring incomparable care and warmth to people of all ethnic groups, and make them full of sense of gain, happiness and security. We voluntarily devote our time and energy into the development of production and the improvement of living standards and the construction of a beautiful Xinjiang.

Xinjiang is now in the best period of prosperity and development in its history. Everyone here loves this land deeply and cherishes the current good situation of unity, stability and harmony as much as they cherish their own eyes. Pompeo and Adrian Zenz’s “doomsday madness”, which have no bottom line and no sense of shame, can only prove their inferior quality and the malicious intention of interfering in China’s internal affairs under the guise of human rights. They cannot destroy the good situation of social stability and interfere with the good life of people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang!