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Never Let Pompeo and Adrian Zenz’s Lies Pollute the Clear Snow Water of the Tianshan Mountains

 Turhun Abdiryim, Chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference of Jinghe County

Pompeo and Adrian Zenz’s Xinjiang-related fallacies are ludicrous fabrications. This disgraceful act of disregarding the facts and slandering China’s Xinjiang is outrageous, and their lies will surely be spurned.

Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, I have seen the tremendous changes in the development of urban and rural areas in Jinghe County. The dusty dirt roads have become straight and clean asphalt roads now; the low and simple adobe houses have become earthquake resistant houses with clear windows now; the farming work of digging and carrying by man in the past has become mechanized agriculture now; the “integration of urban and rural water supply” project has enabled people of all ethnic groups to drink safe and clean tap water. Villagers have enjoyed the new rural social security, 15- year free education, free physical examination and other policies benefiting people.At present, various social undertakings in Jinghe County are advancing steadily. Satellite factories, skill training, manual workshops and e-commerce platforms have greatly met people’s desire to create a better life with their hands, and the sense of happiness, gain and security of people of all ethnic groups have been enhanced.I am often surrounded by laughter and happiness of people of all ethnic groups around me. During the outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic last year, the Communist Party Committee and the government of Jinghe County spared no effort to protect people’s health and life safety,coordinated prevention and control of the epidemic and high-quality economic and social development, and strengthened everyone’s confidence in building a united, harmonious, civilized and progressive Jinghe!

Pompeo and Adrian Zenz, let me tell you from my personal experience that no other country cares about and values ethnic minorities as much as the Communist Party of China. All ethnic groups in Xinjiang are close relatives of the big family of the Chinese nation. The Uyghur people live a happy life in Xinjiang. Don’t use your lies to contaminate the clear snow water of the Tianshan Mountains and ruin the happy life of people in Xinjiang.