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The Lies of Pompeo and Adrian Zenz Cannot Cover The Truth

Ferdun Ali,Deputy County-level Inspector of the Bayingolin Mongol Autonomous Prefecture Committee of the CPC

Recently, Mike Pompeo and Adrian Zenz once again exposed their devious intentions to the public by publishing fallacies over issues related to Xinjiang. They did so in order to confuse the public and smear the human rights reality in Xinjiang. What they have done is an overt interference in China’s internal affairs and destruction to the social stability in Xinjiang. They should be denounced.

Pompeo and Adrian Zenz spread the rumors regardless of the objective facts of Xinjiang’s economic prosperity and development. They covered their ears, said whatever they wished and fabricated all falsified information. The so-called “genocide” in Xinjiang is the sensational false proposition and malicious farce with absurdity created by the anti-China forces represented by Pompeo and Adrian Zenz. They cannot deceive the world and stigmatize China that easily. The social development and progress in Xinjiang and the peaceful life enjoyed by the hard-working people in Xinjiang are the most powerful evidence to refute these politicians.

As a Uygur party member and government official, I can no longer sit still. People like Pompeo and Adrian Zenz cannot go rampant anymore. I grew up in a glorious military family and was once a member of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. My forefathers lived in Xinjiang for generations, and they all lived very peacefully and contently. Where was the “genocide”? After retiring from the army, I have worked at several positions and devoted myself to the development of various undertakings. During the years, I witnessed the active efforts made by the state for the social stability and long-term stability in Xinjiang as well as the outstanding contributions in counter-terrorism and deradicalization. Where did the “genocide come from”? In 2003, I married Guli Pali and had two children. I have two siblings and each of us has two children. I was wondering where the “genocide” came from? Amid the great economic and social strides in Xinjiang in recent years, both the seniors and the younger generation have enjoyed the benefits. The social security insurance for the elderly and the students’ educational quality have been greatly improved. Where was the “genocide”? During the epidemic this year, the Party committees and governments at all levels have put people’s safety high on the agenda, ensuring people’s health and safety. Every native of Xinjiang was touched. I would like to ask again where is the “genocide”?

Whatever Pompeo and Adrian Zenz may say, they can no longer cover the facts. And their well-planned schemes will be exposed. We must stand up and unite together. I appeal to the cadres and the people of all ethnic groups, students, experts and scholars, religious people, and all compatriots and comrades who love the motherland and Xinjiang. Let us come forward and condemn the despicable acts of Pompeo and Adrian Zenz, making their ulterior intentions known to the public.