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Any Lie that Ignores the Truth Will Uncover Itself

Dawut Mamut,the President of the People’s Court of Luntai County

Mike Pompeo and Adrian Zenz deliberately vilified human rights in Xinjiang, China, and falsely accused Xinjiang of committing “crimes against humanity” and “genocide” against ethnic groups including Uygur people. All their slanders were groundless lies. They maliciously attacked Chinese government’s policy in Xinjiang, erased Xinjiang’s development achievements, and ignored the true feelings of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. In this regard, I must express my strong indignation and condemnation.

My name is Dawut Mamut. I was born in an ordinary peasant family in Bohu County. I have several siblings and life was hard for our family. It was because of the favorable policies of the Party and the government so that I was able to pursue study and became a minority government official. Over the years, I have been very proud to witness the constant changes in my hometown: the railway construction, the high-rises and the flights the opening in my hometown. I also bore witness to the changes in the city and the development of rural areas as well as the feat of people of all ethnic groups to unite closely and build a prosperous Xinjiang.

I am a judge. I have always put people’s satisfaction as the criterion of my work. From the outset of my career, I have participated in and tried more than 200 cases of various types, with 99.2 per cent of the cases were trialed without discontent. Through in-depth legal publicity, the villagers’ awareness of the rule of law has been further strengthened in the villages of Kuonabazha and Sayimaili in Tierekebazha Township. Now, great changes have taken place in the minds of the people of all ethnic groups. They are more aware of the great harm caused by ethnic separatist forces and violent terrorist forces to society and mankind, and understand that national unity is the lifeline of the people of all ethnic groups. At present, all the poor people in the village have removed the “title” of impoverished households. The masses of all ethnic groups have enjoyed benefiting policies such as pension, housing for low income families and free compulsory education. The villagers have received tangible benefits as their living conditions and well-being have been continuously improved.

History won’t be changed by lies. Any lie that ignores the truth will uncover itself. People of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang will never consent any act that undermines harmony and stability in Xinjiang and will never allow any external forces and individuals to interfere in China’s internal affairs. Pompeo, Adrian Zenz, your accusation and fallacies will be proven as jokes and will be criticized and abandoned by the world. A historic trial and liquidation also awaits them.