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No Lie Can Deter Our Strides Forward

Muhtar Sidik,Vice County Mayor of the People’s Government of Luntai County

In order to achieve their own political goals, Mike Pompeo and Adrian Zenz commented on the human rights in Xinjiang, and accused Xinjiang of “genocide” against Uygur and other ethnic groups. Their behavior ignored the true feelings of the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang and was a crude interference in China’s internal affairs.

The so-called Xinjiang-related issues are not ethnic, religious and human rights issues at all. They are problems about anti-terrorism, anti-secession and deradicalization. For a time in history, Xinjiang was under multiple influences of ethnic separatist forces, religious extremist forces and violent terrorist forces. The frequent occurrence of terrorist attacks caused great damage to people’s safety and social stability in Xinjiang. Violent terrorists are the real culprit in challenging human civilization and violating the dignity of law through cruel means and contempt for basic human rights. I have been working in Kashgar and Luntai for many years, and I am very aware of the adverse impact of “three forces” and religious extremism on the innocent people. The “three forces” at home and abroad and some anti-China politicians colluded together in the name of “human rights”, “ethnicity” and “religion” in attempt to undermine ethnic unity, incite ethnic hatred and undermine social harmony and stability. They are the common enemies of the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang and of mankind.

1000 lies cannot conceal a fact: dramatic improvements have been made in Luntai County. Rapid economic development, improvement of urban and rural landscape, progress in various undertakings, enhancement in people’s living standards as well as livelihood issues that matter to the people of all ethnic groups such as education, health care, pension, social security. Other enhancement can be seen in the assist mechanism for “zero employment” families, 15 years of free education, grading diagnosis and treatment and medical association construction, the national free health examination and other policy measures continuously benefit all ethnic groups, people’s lives are getting increasingly better as their sense of acquisition, happiness, security significantly improved.

How can dark clouds cover the sun? No defamation can prevent the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang from moving forward together. No rumour can erase the progress of human rights development in Xinjiang. No attempt can interrupt the prosperity and development of Xinjiang!