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Happiness Starts From Planting Cotton!

Maimaiti Maihemuti, Cotton Planter of Yecheng County, Kashgar Prefecture, China’s Xinjiang

My name is Maimaiti Maihemuti and I am living in Kaladun Village, Qiaqikumu Administration District, Yecheng County. As a participant, witness and beneficiary of prosperous economic development in Xinjiang, I am extremely proud and honored for my homeland and my hometown.

Last year, I planted 225 mu of cotton and the net income was about 270,000 yuan. In harvest season, I employed 20 villagers in nearly places and I made official contract with them. I paid them 1.8 yuan per kilogram of cotton, each of them could earn at least 100 yuan a day, and after picking, some farmers could even earn 15,000 yuan. With the money earned by planting cotton, I rebuilt the yard in my house and made a hardened surface for it, which was full of holes. Now my yards is flat and spacious. I also bought some new tables, sofa, and refrigerator. Visitors often praised that my family’s living condition was better and better. All of these happy changes started from planting cotton.

This year my cotton field has ushered in another bumper harvest. Looking at the pure white cotton and the smiling faces of workers on the field, I am full of nothing but the happiness of enjoying a fulfilling harvest. To pick up cotton in harvest season can bring a very nice income for villagers. I am so happy. The villagers could come to my field to work and help in harvesting, I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Some American and western anti-China forces made up the lie that there was “forced labor” in Xinjiang. This is just nonsense and these forces are just making up a rumor for nowhere. What is the real situation of cotton industry development in Xinjiang and how are the workers and planters doing are questions that are best answered by all ethnic groups in this beautiful and rich land that we call Xinjiang, China’s Xinjiang. The cotton we plant here is green without any public contamination. Our cotton is pure white and almost perfect! Our life is free, cozy, safe and happy! I tell these forces with malicious intentions--shut up your irresponsible mouth!