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This Is The Real Picture Of Xinjiang Cotton!

Sikandan Aimaiti, Cotton of Erbu Town, Yizhou District, Hami City, China's Xinjiang

My name is Sikandan Aimaiti and I am from Erpu Town, Yizhou District, Hami City, China’s Xinjiang. My family planted 35 mu of cotton field. We are a place where many ethnic groups live together, helping each other like a family.

In the past, we did not use much machine in picking up ripe cotton in harvest season and we mainly relied on hand picking. At that time, many workers came from inland provinces to pick up cotton here and some of them who could pick up rather fast could pick up more than 100 kilograms for each day, earning about 200 yuan each day. Besides, the field owners provided with excellent food and lodging, which were free and they also bought the tickets for these workers. Every one was smiling happily and every one was full of happiness of harvest. Now, more and more machines are used in planting and picking up cotton and the government and related departments also introduce cotton seeds that could produce cotton with higher production and better quality. Experts and professionals also come to our field and teach us in improving cotton planting on the spot. The government also spends a lot of money to improve agricultural infrastructure for us. Only a small part of cotton fields need to be picked by hand, and farmers can do it themselves.

Now cotton has another bumper harvest, large cotton fields have entered the picking period. The pure white cotton blooms one after another and looking at these lovely cotton we planters are filled with nothing but happiness of harvesting. I am proud to say that the cotton in my field is one of the best cotton in the world and this is the real picture of Xinjiang cotton, including picking up cotton in harvest season.

Some western companies made up the rumor that there was “forced labor” in Xinjiang. This is just a sheer nonsense. As a native in Xinjiang, I resolutely oppose to their malicious words and actions. I firmly oppose to any one that uses such a rumor as an excuse to smear and slander China and to try to sabotage Xinjiang’s stability and development.