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Picking up cotton in nearby places supports my whole family!

Rouziguli Sawur,villager of Azak Town, Atush City, Kizilsu Kirghiz Autonomous Prefecture, northwest China’s Xinjiang

My name is Rouziguli Sawur and I am a farmer from Azak Town, Atush City in southern Xinjiang, China.

My family has 8 mu of land and we plant grape, cotton, wheat and corn on it. Every year the income from grape and cotton is about 13,000 yuan and wheat and corn are the material for food at home. In the past, there are no other means of income and we could only rely on these acres of land to support the family. At that time, we also had 4 children to raise and the life was quite difficult for us.

So, in order to increase income, every year in autumn, I and my husband would do the work of picking up cotton, grape and fig in nearby places, which would become the major source of income in my family. For picking up cotton, we could earn 2 yuan for each kilogram, for picking up grape, the price is 1.5 yuan for one kilogram, so for each day we could earn at least 300 yuan. Because we are working for the cotton planters and fruit planters in nearby places, we get paid each day, which is extremely convenient because we could also take care of our own field at the same time. In each autumn, we could earn more than 20,000 yuan, which is really a big sum of money for us.

Over the years, with the money earned we bought such household appliances as refrigerator and we also redecorated our house.Now, my family’s living condition is better and better and we are enjoying a happier and happier life.

Now, it is high time for the harvest season in each year, I and my husband decide to pick up cotton again in nearby places, so that we could earn more income for the family and create a brighter future for my children.

Recently, some western politicians made up the rumor that there was “forced labor” in Xinjiang and they tried to manipulate some western companies to stop using cotton produced in Xinjiang. I just want to tell these politicians and companies: all ethnic groups in Xinjiang are holding tight together like the seeds in a pomegranate! We will use our happy life to disclose your lie and rumor once and for all!