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Xinjiang 7 Days’ images: The Spring Festival atmosphere is getting stronger

In the past week, 2022 Spring Festival travel rush has begun. Daughter pulls a suitcase and leads her mother with a backpack on her shoulder to walk into the high-speed railway train to their hometown. At this moment, people who work and study outside home will return to their hometown to reunite with relatives no matter how far they are away from home. Spring Festival is the most ceremonial traditional custom of Chinese people.

Last week, workers welded cotton pickers at the production workshop; Villagers rehearsed Yangge dance to the joyful drumbeat and tempo; People had the Buzkashi (horseback competition of goat grabbing), and a young boy was cheek to cheek with his horse “Hurricane”.

In winter vacation, children held up their hands and scrambled to say the most wanted festive gifts......

As the Spring Festival approaches, joy is everywhere across Xinjiang, and people celebrate the Spring Festival in different ways.

The steps of celebrating the Spring Festival

On January 17, 2022, the 2022 Spring Festival travel rush has begun and Xinjiang railway department sent 75,000 passengers on the same day. This year's Spring Festival travel rush will last for 40 days from January 17 to February 25. Xinjiang railway is expected to send 2.921 million passengers. (Photo by Shiliuyun - Xinjiang Daily / Han Liang)

Red lanterns welcome the Spring Festival

Photo taken on January 20, 2022 shows an employee sorts out red lanterns that have been made. With the approach of the Spring Festival, the Xinjinong Professional Cooperative, located in Laotai Township, Jimsar County, taking advantage of the traditional handicraft skills of lantern making, organizes employees to produce lanterns to ensure the supply to the festival market. (Photo by Helong)

Dancing in happy life

Photo taken on January 18, 2022 shows the rehearsal of the members of a Yangge performance team. As the Spring Festival approaches, under the guidance of the instructor, the members of the Yangge team rehearse dragon dance, lion dance and Chinese fan dance at Ershilidian Village in Ershilidian Town, Hutubi County, northwest China’s Xinjiang. They march or dance to the joyful drumbeat and tempo, showing the happiness and building the atmosphere for the coming Spring Festival. (Photo By Wang Junwei)

Cheek to cheek

Photo taken on January 12, 2022 shows Hurmatjan is cheek to cheek with his horse “Hurricane”, hoping to do well in the race. On January 12, 2022, a horse race for welcoming the Beijing Winter Olympics was held at Bostan Township in Mulei Kazakh Autonomous County, northwest China’s Xinjiang. Thirteen-year-old boy Hurmatjan Baterbieke won the race. “I like riding horse since I was a little child, and I like riding on the grassland covered with snow.” said Hurmatjan. (Photo by Shiliuyun - Xinjiang Daily / Li Rui)

Racing to be the first to answer question

On January 18, 2022, a holiday children care service station was set up by the New Era Civilization Practice Station of Xinmin Road East Community of Qingnian Road Sub-district Management Committee in Tianshan District, Urumqi City, northwest China’s Xinjiang. Children can make food and read books and spend a happy holiday in here. (Photo by Shiliuyun - Xinjiang Daily / Li Rui)

Fierce competition

Photo taken on January 16, 2022 shows contestants have the Buzkashi (horseback competition of goat grabbing). As the Spring Festival approaches, a series of winter sports activities including horse racing and the Buzkashi were held at Shashijie scenic spot in Kuqa City, northwest China’s Xinjiang. Villagers welcome the Winter Olympics with traditional folk sports. (Photo by Yuan Huanhuan)

Welding cotton picker

Photo taken on January 17, 2022 shows an employee learns welding skills at the production workshop of Shaya Boshiran Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. in Shaya County, northwest China’s Xinjiang. Boshiran Intelligent Agricultural Machinery is a modern intelligent agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service. At present, the company takes advantage of the winter production off-season to organize employees to carry out skills training of disassembling and assembling skills for cotton picker equipment, so as to make more employees become skilled talents. (Photo by Tianshannet - Xinjiang Daily / Otkur Nijat)

Singing for winter

Photo taken on January 17, 2022 shows two swans “sing” at the Swan Bay of Kaidu River in Yanqi reclamation area, Tiemengguan City, northwest China’s Xinjiang. In recent years, it has carried out integrative development and continuously strengthened ecological protection, so that the ecological environment of the wetland along the river is getting better and better, and has become an ideal habitat and breeding place for all kinds of birds. (Photo by Han Jun)

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