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Spring comes in Keketuohai Wetland Nature Reserve in Habahe County, Xinjiang

In mid-April, ice and snow melt and spring comes in Habahe County, Altay Prefecture, northwest China’s Xinjiang. A groups of migratory birds come from thousands of miles away, foreboding the arrival of spring in Xinjiang. More than 100 species of migratory birds, such as ruddy shelduck, gray cranes, egrets, whooper swans, mallards, etc., stay at the Keketuohai Wetland Nature Reserve in Habahe County after a long journey to forage and play in the water, presenting a vivid scene.

For a long time, Habahe County has comprehensively promoted the ecological priority and green development strategy, fully implemented the protection and restoration project of the mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes, grass and sand ecosystems in the Irtysh River Basin, and implemented wetland ecological water replenishment and grazing prohibition. The beautiful environment attracts more and more birds to stay and breed in Habahe County. (Correspondents: Wular Janimhan, Yang Huan)