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Xinjiang 7 Days’ images: Wheat grains are gradually ripe and ready for harvest

In Grain Full season, wheat grains are gradually plump-eared.

From farm field to vegetable greenhouse, from workshop to relocation point, people never stop chasing their dreams...

When the “International Museum Day” encounters with “China Tourism Day”, “poetry and faraway places” are wonderfully intertwined.

People visit cultural relics exhibition, go boating on the Sayram Lake and ramble in a thousand mu of flower sea to enjoy the splendid scenery of countryside.

Xinjiang has ushered in the tourist rush season.

Ripe wheat grains

Photo taken on May 21, 2022 shows a farmer checks the growth of spring wheat in Grain Full season at Halayugong Township in Korla City, northwest China’s Xinjiang. Farmers in villages and towns in Korla City rush to seize the time and carry out agricultural production management, presenting a busy scene in the field. (Photo by Cho Hura)

Traversing time and space

Photo taken on May 18, 2022 shows citizens visit the Museum of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on the 46th International Museum Day in Urumqi. The museum has prepared a variety of activities focusing on the theme of "the power of museum". (Shiliuyun/ Xinjiang Daily Han Liang)

Setting sail

Aerial photo taken on May 19, 2022 shows 2022 "China Tourism Day" Xinjiang branch activities start at the Sayram Lake scenic spot in Bortala Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture, northwest China’s Xinjiang. The theme of this year's "China Tourism Day" is “Feel the Chinese culture, enjoy a good journey”. (Shiliuyun/ Xinjiang Daily Zhou Peng)

Low-carbon travel

Aerial photo taken on May 19, 2022 shows cycling enthusiasts ride at the Kaidu River Ecology and Culture scenic spot in Bohu County, Bayingolin Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture, northwest China’s Xinjiang. May 19, 2022 is the 12th "China Tourism Day", and Bohu County held an activity themed on “Civilized Tourism and Low-carbon Travel”. More than 30 cycling enthusiasts from various counties and cities in Bayingolin Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture participated in the activity. Photo by Cho Hura

Rambling in the sea of flowers

Photo taken on May 21, 2022 shows tourists take photos in the thousand mu of the sea of peony flowers at Kaiganqi Township in Kuitun City, northwest China’s Xinjiang. On that day, the first Peony Culture and Tourism Festival was held in Kuitun City, attracting many tourists to appreciate flowers. (Shiliuyun/ Xinjiang Daily Xie Long)

Busy farming at the foot of the Tianshan Mountains

Photo taken on May 16, 2022 shows a villager weeds and does soil moisture conservation at the safflowers field in Janggesi Village, Jianggesi Township, Yumin County, northwest China’s Xinjiang. Farmers seized the time to strengthen farmland management. (Photo by Yang Huaguang)

“Gold” morels

Photo taken on May 16, 2022 shows villagers check the growth of morel at the greenhouse of the morel planting base in Tangfangmen Village, Biliuhe Town, Qitai County, Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture, northwest China’s Xinjiang. Villagers carefully cut morels from the bottom with a knife, picked them one by one and put them into bags. (Shiliunyun/ Xinjiang Daily Li Rui)

Busy production

Photo taken on May 18, 2022 shows workers step up production at the workshop of Fukang copper smelter of Xinjiang Xinxin Mining Industry Co., Ltd. in Fukang City, northwest China’s Xinjiang. In recent years, Fukang smelter has strengthened internal management, firmly grasped the favorable opportunity to give full play to the maximum production capacity and continuously improved the output and quality of products. (Shiliunyun/ Xinjiang Daily Qin Meihua)

Soccer game of kids

Photo taken on May 18, 2022 shows children play football at the kindergarten. A kindergarten in Xinjiang held a friendly competition themed on "play football happily". The kindergarten has been exploring sports activities suitable for children, so as to enhance children's physique, cultivate their spirit of hard work, enterprising, unity and cooperation to let children have a strong interest in sports activities and create a good campus culture. (Photo by Xie Jianglin)

Colorful activities

Photo taken on May 19, 2022 shows villagers participate in a team rope skipping competition at Laoshawan New Village in Laoshawan Town, Shawan City, northwest China’s Xinjiang. On that day, a series of interesting sports competition activities were held at Laoshawan New Village. Laoshawan Town aims to build a platform for communication between people, households and villages through activities such as tug-of-war, collective rope skipping, tire rolling and hooping to promote ethnic unity. (Photo by Wang Fangji)

With happiness knowing no bounds

Photo taken on May 16, 2022 shows Sare Kurban (first from left) and his wife watch their children play games at Kunlunjiayuan residential area, a relocation and resettlement site for poverty alleviation, in Akto County, Kizilsu Kirghiz Autonomous Prefecture, northwest China’s Xinjiang. Sare was one of the first relocated people for poverty relief in 2017. With the help of the community, he runs a characteristic restaurant and lives a happy life. (Shiliunyun/ Xinjiang Daily Zhao Jin)

Expecting a new life

Photo taken on May 18, 2022 shows a mute swan takes her babies swimming in the lake at the Ili River National Wetland Park in Yining City, northwest China’s Xinjiang. In recent years, as Yining City continues to strengthen its ecological and environmental protection and the habitat of wildlife continues to improve, the species and quantity of birds have kept increasing. It has become an ideal place for many migratory birds to stay or overwinter. (Photo by Zhang Qinghua)

Chief Editor: Song Jun

Editor: Shi Jishen