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Xinjiang craftsman keeps traditional earthenware craft of Uygur ethnicity alive

Abudureheman is a famous earthenware craftsman in Yengisar county, northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. He runs an earthenware workshop, with three sons learning the craft along his side.

Yengisar county, a renowned area for the earthenware manufacturing of the Uygur ethnicity, has seen many locals making earthenware crafts in the past, but the number of earthenware craftsmen decreased in recent years due to low production volumes and limited patterns.

Abudureheman is one of the few who has not quit his trade. By combining the experience and craftsmanship derived from Jingdezhen (China's porcelain capital) with those of his county, and continually innovating to design new patterns, Abudureheman has improved both the production volume and quality of earthenware, injecting greater vitality into the traditional ethnic craft.