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P.E. teacher Gulisanam Jurat: I enjoy my work very much

On July 15, 2022, Gulisanam Jurat took her team members to participate in the campus competitions of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in 2022 of aerobics, cheerleading and healthy hip-hop dance for college students and middle school students.

She is a gym teacher of the No.2 Middle School of Korla City, Bayingolin Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture, northwest China’s Xinjiang. This is the first time for her to take students to participate in a regional-level competition.

In 2017, she graduated from Xinjiang Normal University with a major in performance (sports art). Combining sports with art to make students fall in love with P.E. class, develop a sense of lifelong exercising and feel the beauty of art, and all these things make her love the job.

The teacher who has been teaching for three years, said: "I enjoy my current working and living conditions very much. I feel very proud to be a teacher and teach my students the professional knowledge I have learned. I am so proud to see my students being more sunny, confident and healthy."

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