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Xinjiang 7 Days’ images: The hot summer of July bursting with passion

When you come to Xinjiang in summer,

besides appreciating the scenery,

You can also appreciate the party in the glittering evening,

watch dinosaur eggs at the museum,

enjoy unique rural atmosphere in the summer pasture,

experience speed and passion at the Hupan Cultural Park,

savour the spectacular views of the Silk Road in ancient cities...

All these new varieties of activities will make your trip full of surprises.

The pageant held in the town of Chinese wolfberry

Photo taken on July 20, 2022 shows, with the performance of "The sweet wolfberry flowers in Tianshan · The red Chinese Wolfberry in Jinghe County" Gala, the Chinese Wolfberry Cultural and Tourism Festival in Jinghe County, Bortala Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture, northwest China’s Xinjiang, officially begins. This festival is themed on "Visit the Silk Road with a history of thousands of years and appreciate the red Chinese wolfberry in Jinghe County". And this three-day tourism festival will comprehensively show the new achievements, new images and new looks of the development of Jinghe County through various activities, so as to further promote the integrated development of Chinese wolfberry culture and tourism. (Shiliuyun- Xinjiang Daily/ Zhou Peng)

Dinosaur egg fossils

Photo taken on July 23, 2022 shows children carefully look at dinosaur egg fossils at the Science and Technology Museum in Urumqi City, northwest China’s Xinjiang. On that day, the work team of Urumqi Archives Center in Urumqi High and New Tech Development Zone organized teenagers under its jurisdiction to visit Urumqi Science and Technology Museum to start a “science and technology travel” in their summer vacation so as to stimulate children's enthusiasm for learning and using science. (Photo by Sun Zhengsong)

The spectacular view of the ancient road

Aerial photo taken on July 22, 2022 shows an overlooking view of Yotkan Ancient City in Hotan Prefecture, northwest China’s Xinjiang. Yotkan Ancient City, located in Bageqi Town, 10 kilometers west of Hotan City, is the first folk culture and tourism project in Hotan Prefecture, northwest China’s Xinjiang, and this project was started in March 2020. At present, it has signed more than 200 merchants. Empowering itself with culture, through staging performances, building food streets, homestay hotels, handicraft workshops, cultural exhibition halls and holding other commercial activities, the Yotkan Ancient City re-present the spectacular view of the ancient Khotan of the Silk Road to people. (Shiliuyun- Xinjiang Daily/ Tang Yong)


Photo taken on July 20, 2022 shows farmers pick grapes at the grape orchard of Zhongyi Farmers' Professional Cooperative in Xiasangong Village, Yuanhucun Town, Hutubi County, Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture, northwest China’s Xinjiang. At present, 4500 mu of grapes planted by the Cooperative have entered the harvest period. Strings of crystal and plump grapes are hung on the branches. Farmers are busy picking, sorting and packing, presenting a bumper harvest view in the orchard. In recent years, Zhongyi Farmers' Professional Cooperative has formed an industrial chain integrating large-scale planting, processing and sales in the mode of "company + Cooperative + farmer", with an annual sales of about 20,000 tons of grapes. (Photo by Ma Guangyuan)

Sheep competition

Photo taken on July 24, 2022 shows herdsmen take part in running competition with sheep on their backs in the First Fu Goat Culture Festival and the Ninth Sheep Competition with the theme of "Good Luck and Happiness·Wonderful Yanchi Town" held by Yanchi Town, Yiwu County, Hami City, northwest China’s Xinjiang. Local farmers and herdsmen gathered together to participate in competitions such as running competition with sheep on their backs to celebrate the harvest. (Photo by Polat Niyaz)

Neck and neck

Photo taken on July 22, 2022 shows the start line of the first stage of 14th Sayram Lake-round Cycling Race. On July 21, 2022, the 14th Sayram Lake-round Cycling Race in Xinjiang, China, hosted by the Sports Bureau of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Bortala Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture, was held in Jinghe County, Bortala Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture, northwest China’s Xinjiang. More than 170 athletes gathered in Bortala Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture to chase their dreams. There are five legs in this competition, and they are of a total length of 420 kilometers. Racers pass through snow mountains, Gobi desert, grasslands, wetlands, alpine lakes and other natural landscapes, which is very challenging. (Shiliuyun- Xinjiang Daily/ Zhou Peng)

International Fighting Championship

Photo taken on July 22, 2022 shows contestants take part in the International Fighting Championship at Jiangge’er Cultural Park in Hebukesaier Mongolian Autonomous County, Tacheng Prefecture, northwest China’s Xinjiang. Many people braved the rain to watch this competition and it is also one of the series activities of this year's Jiangge’er Culture and Tourism Festival in Xinjiang. (Photo by He Chengqiang)

The colorful sunset

Photo taken on July 19, 2022 shows tourists visit “Big Oil Bubble” scenic spot at Karamay oil well 1 in Karamay City, northwest China’s Xinjiang. In summer, more and more tourists come to visit the Big Oil Bubble scenic spot in Karamay oil well 1, and it has become a hot tourist attraction in summer. (Photo by Tian Guojian)

Spread wings to fly

Photo taken on July 23, 2022 shows tourists take the powered parachute to visit the Sayram Lake scenic spot. Recently, Sayram Lake scenic spot has ushered the peak tourism season with more and more tourists coming to visit. In 2022, the Sayram Lake scenic spot has received 1.2161 million tourists, and the amount of tourism consumption has reached 1.169 billion yuan. (Shiliuyun- Xinjiang Daily/ Zhou Peng)

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