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Come to Bazaar to relax yourself!

Do you know the customs of “Bazaar Day”?

especially in Yopurga County, Kashgar Prefecture, northwest China’s Xinjiang.

Every Saturday,

Bazaar is the busiest and most worth visiting place

in Yopurga County.

The life without bazaar

is incomplete.

Going to bazaar

is not only a lifestyle

but also an expression of sentiments of local people

People are reluctant to leave

so they have many pretexts to

shop, chat or taste,

which is all up to themselves.

Bazaar is the improvisation of people

which is like the first stroke of painter’s brush

or the beginning of an article.

With a start,

it's much easier to do after.

Stallholders in Bazaar

are bold and forthright,

and people who go to bazaar are very happy.

People who are busy in weekdays

watch the scene of bustle in their spare time leisurely.

Vendors also have their own rules,

they gather by sales category naturally.

Those who sell earthenware will not come to the clothing stalls

and those who sell snacks

will not get close to small department stores.

The most important is that bazaar has become a kind of emotional sustenance

and a good place to relieve stress for people.

If you're tired of staying at home all day,

you can go to bazaar

and chat with friends you meet there.

After that, you'll feel happier.

Everyone is an enthusiast in bazaar.

For them,

it's not a weekend without going to bazaar.


going to bazaar

has become an expression of sentiments of people in Yopurga County unconsciously.

You will never know how lively it is

if you don't come to bazaar.

Come to bazaar,

relax yourself in the hustle and bustle.

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