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The construction of key transportation projects in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region continued in the first 10 months of 2022

In the first 10 months of 2022, the construction of key transportation projects in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region continued to work, with a total investment of 58.92 billion yuan. Among them, 46.29 billion yuan was invested in highway projects, and the annual investment targets were completed ahead of schedule; The investment in railway projects was 7.31 billion yuan, and that in civil aviation projects was 5.33 billion yuan.

On June 16, 2022, the Hotan-Ruoqiang Railway was put into operation, further improving the railway network in Xinjiang and forming the world's first desert railway loop - the 2,712km loop of the Taklimakan Desert Railway. In 2022, 10 major transportation projects, including the Hotan-Ruoqiang Railway, Yuli-Qiemo Highway of S254 Line and Minfeng-Luopu Highway of G315 Line, have been completed and put into operation.

Photo shows a high-speed comprehensive inspection train passes through Ruokeyate Bridge of Hotan-Ruoqiang Railway. (Photo by Wen Zhiquan)

As a key railway construction project in the field of national infrastructure, the Jiangjunmiao-Naomaohu Railway Project has entered the track laying stage. In addition, the construction of 25 projects including Urumqi-Yuli Highway of G0711 Line, Aksu-Awat Highway of G580 Line, and Hejing (Bayanbulak) Civil Airport Project, was accelerated, and the completion rate of investment was higher than 90%.

Since 2022, 14 new projects such as Kalatonge-Fuyun Highway of S226 Line, Zhundong (Qitai) Airport New Project, and Hejing (Bayanbulak) Airport New Project have been started, with an investment of 10.55 billion yuan.

The total excavation of the third hole of Tianshan Shengli Tunnel on Urumqi-Yuli Highway of G0711 Line has exceeded 30 kilometers, including nearly 70% of the middle pilot tunnels, which are expected to be completed next year.

Zhang Yongliang, Deputy Director of the Project Construction Management Office of the Development and Reform Commission of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, introduced that the Development and Reform Commission resolutely implemented the important requirements of "preventing the epidemic, stabilizing the economy, and ensuring the security of development". On the premise of strict implementation of the epidemic prevention and control, the Commission took expanding effective investment as a key measure, jointly issued the Notice on Improving the Efficiency of the Examination and Approval Service in the Preliminary Work of Major Projects with relevant departments, and adopted a series of measures, such as accepting project applications with incomplete documents, reviewing and approving projects in coordination with other departments, coordination and joint handling of projects, monitoring and supervising projects, to complete the approval of a large number of key highway projects.

It is reported that a number of major transportation projects, such as the Second Line Project of Jinghe to Alashankou Section of Lanzhou-Xinjiang Railway, the Zhaosu-Wensu Highway of G219 Line, the Wenquan-Horgos Highway of G219 Line, the Tuopa-Turgat Port Highway of 315 Line, and the Luopu-Moyu through-traffic Highway of G315 Line, are under preparation for construction.

In 2022, Xinjiang implemented 85 key transportation projects, with a total investment of 420.5 billion yuan and an annual planned investment of 61.9 billion yuan.

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